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Kesha Lover Party -14yr- Mall Shopping



October 2010


Lesley in Jacksonville of FL,USA


Hollywood Star Party

I just turned 14 yesterday,and had my birthday party yesterday,too.I invited 5 friends,everyone came,and we are all obsessed with pop star Kesha Sebert,aka Ke$ha,so she was my theme!

Invites-I took a piece of golden cardstock and cut it into a messy star.I used a hole puncher to punch two holes in the top,and used cheetah print ribbon as a little handle.I took a silver BlendyPen and wrote all of the info,plus a list of the 5 girls invited.Also stated Ke$ha themed.On the back I printed out 5 copies of a photo of Ke$ha on the Internet and glued one to each of them.

Cake/Food-For food we had 'Glitter Puke',which is the name of a Tik Tok Parody on Youtube,it was just chips with this really yummy dip with a funny color.We also had pink punch,water and brightly colored kettle corn.The cake was round with an edible sugar photo of Ke$ha on a motorcycle from her Take It Off video (thanks,mom!for making it) and chocolate frosting with 14 glittery silver candles.

Decorations-The party was in my basement,and it was a sleepover.Luckily,I have 7 blow up matresses,and I used 5.I put sparkly blankets and pillows on each one.The snack table was in the corner,and white and black streamer was up.Gold glitter was everywhere,since Ke$ha is like obsessed with anything glittery!We put a TV and a DVD player in there,too.And my CD player with her CD Animail playing throughout the entire party.

Costume-We all decided to wear black short shorts with a blank short sleeved shirt,paint our nails and toenails with silver glitter and mess up our hair,Ke$ha style.

The Party-All of my friends came together,and arrived at the same time.Once everybody got there we had snacks in the basement and listened to Animail for awhile,talking,laughing and singing along.Then,I had made a special party DVD for us to watch.I popped it in and we watched the entire thing.It contained all of her music videos(take it off,blah blah blah,your love is my ----,and tik tok),plus a video she put up on Youtube saying how her name was pronounced since everybody says it wrong! My friends kept rewinding that part,it was funny!

Then,like the parody and food,we made our own glitter.I have white slime stuff,and everybody got their own bowl full.We all added pink,silver and gold glitter,mainly gold,and mixed it all up really well.Then we added a teaspoon of water since its kinda thick,and we were done!Then we played with it. Then my parents came up to the basement and sang Happy Birthday,looked at our glitter puke and finally,they watched us all do our little dance we made up for D.I.N.O.$.A.U.R. and they loved it!

Then we opened presents,I got some really cool homemade stuff with Ke$ha on it!Then my parents gave us each $25.00 and drove us all to the mall.On our way there we blasted Kesha and did our makeup way over the top,glittery like her.We also used our own money,and went in to shop.We saw a girl with a stand selling Ke$ha pins,hats,shirts,posters,flip flops,and even a CD with unreleased songs like This Is Me Breaking Up With You and Invisible!We all spent almost all of our money on that stuff,then headed home.

Back at my house,up in the basement I got down my old Barbies along with torn,black and glittery clothes,ziplock bags of glitter and old,broken hairbrushes.Even some paint and thin paintbrushes.As we moved on my parents came in and took photos for the Thank Yous.They stayed,snapping pics and chatting for almost the rest of the party.We messed up the dolls hair,changed her clothes,threw glitter allover them and even repainted her makeup,lips and eyelids.We made our own Ke$has.Next,we had cake and ice cream and sang Happy Birthday.Then we just chatted and listened to music(unreleased,bought from girl at mall).

Then we all posed for the camera and my parents took all sorts of crazy photos.We rewatched the special party DVD,then made up a Ke$ha story as we went along.We all took turns making up new parts until the end,it rocked!Then,it was almost midnight.My parents went down to their room while we had a pillow fight,shared secrets then started watching TV but drifted asleep.The next morning we had Glitter Cheerios(Cheerios with tiny chunks of strawberry,the glitter).We chatted,they got their things and left. Best party EVER!!!

Favors-Thank You that matches invitation with photos from the party,their glitter puke,dolls and stuff bought at the mall,plus a mini tube of glitter and a poster book of Ke$ha I created.One for each of them.It was just some very much enlarged pictures of her from the Internet tied together with string,to create a poster book.You could 'tear out' a photo/poster and hang it up. Woohoo~!

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