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Celebrity Party -14yr- Movie Filming



December 2007


Chloe in Belton,Missouri,U.S.A.

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Hollywood Star Party

For my 14th birthday party I decided on a celebrity theme after looking at this site for hours!

INVITATIONS:For the invitations I am going to my local Party America because they have a great selection of hollywood party supplies.I'm getting invitations that look like movie tickets and the guests must have them with them when they arrive.I will also tell them to bring a formal outfit that they will be needing that night.Another idea for an invitation is making your own using your computer.Use a fancy font and type all the info you need,then print it and decorate it with glitter/sparkles,ribbons,etc.

DECORATIONS:For the decorations i will have a red carpet leading from my driveway to my front door, and have red and black ballons setting on either sidde of my front door.This theme will be carried on throughout the house with ballons littering the floor and gold black and red streamers everywhere.On the wall will be a picture of each friend(there will be 10-12 girls)on a star cut out from construction paper,with their names written in glitter glue.

THE PARTY:My friends are going to come at around 11 o'clock a.m.(you could easily make this 1 p.m. if you do not want to provide lunch).They will walk up the red carpet in their normal clothes and meet my sister at the door.My sister will have a clipboard with a sheet that has the names of all the girls invited.When they walk up she will ask for their ticket and check their name off the list.My sis will then open the door for them and say they are allowed in and take them to living room.My mom will be standing beside the door also in case the parents have any questions.In the meanwhile I will be in the kitchen waiting for everyone to get here.When my sis has come in and assured me everyone was there I will walk into the room and hand out scripts to a movie my friend and I made up to everyone.I will then tell them that they have a half hr. until auditions for the movie.

They could audition for any role except the lead which was played by me,the birthday girl.When they were done practicing we went up to the judging room" aka my sisters bedroom and after they were overi decided who wou;d be cast as who.I made sure everyone was ok with the results and then we went down stairs.Down stairs in the kichen there was a café like table set up with all sorts of mini foods on sandwichesveggie traysmini cookies and browniesetc. We all grabbed paper plates and ate.

After lunch it was around 12:45pm. We went to "hair and makeup" to get ready to make the movie."Hair and makeup" was in my dining room because there is a huge mirror across the wall(if you don’t have a big mirror in any room in your house you can buy long mirrors at home depot or lowes for about $10 each and hang them sideways on the wall).We did hair and make-up to match the characters everyone was playing.After hair and makeup I pulled out a rack of clothes I was hiding in the dining room.Since all of my friends are about the same sizei just used my clothes for the wardrobe for the movie.We all picked out what we thought we should wear and changed.

Then we started filming.One of my friends who is camera shy filmed with my camcorder.It was really fun making the moviemake sure you keep the bloopers!

Then after filming for hrs. it was already time for dinner.We ordered pizza and had soda and cake and ice cream.

For the cake it was decorated with blackredand cold icing and said HOLLYWOOD on it in big letters along withof courseHAPPY BIRTHDAYCHLOE!!!.Then I opened presents and I told everyone the next celebrity activity:being a model!For this in my basement we set up long rows of chairs with a red carpet down the middle.We went back to hair and makeup and this time we did high-style stuff like bold eyeshadow and big hair.I bought eyeshadow and makeup at wal-mart.Nexteveryone got their formal outfit and brought them downstairs.Downstairs in the office where the "model" would get dressed in I had tons of accessories and shoes and purses that they could use.Each person got two runway walks.One was with their outfit they broght(the formal one) the other was the one they were wearing right now that they could accesorize(the casual one).One person went at a time they walked out in their outfit down the runway and backand then came to the front and told us about there outfitthen they change into the other outfitwhile they were changingthe audience would write on a piece of paper the persons score on a scale of 1-10 and make a comment.Then after the next outfit they would do the same thing.

After everyone had gonei took all the scoring sheets from everyone and read them aloud.Then I told the winner for the casual walk then the formal walk. After this we changed into our formal outfits again.Then we went back to the judging room but this time it was to give awardsnot for auditions.I gave each person a ballot I had made before the party and it had categories on it like best hairbest makeupfunniest auditionbest overalletc.The thing was though you couldn’t vote for 1 person more than onceso each person won somethingthen made an appreciation speech.Whoever won best overall got a crown and flowersthat was me!!!After the ceremony my mom bought up cocktail glasses with apple juice inside them on a silver tray as well as my sister with desserts.

They walked around and asked if we would like anything to eat or drinkthey were dressed in black pants with white shirts so they would look like waitresses.during this time we had popular music playing from a boombox while me and my friends danced and talked.After thiswe got into our pajama's and went to my room(that’s where we slept).We gossipedplayed board gamestruth or dareand told secrets.

Then we watched a movie and fell asleep.When we woke up we went downstairs and had a simple breakfast of either bagels or donuts and orange juice.Each person took home one of the red or black ballons and a bag of candy.Thenafter about a week when I had the movie we had made edited and copiedi gave each friend that came a DVD of the movie.-I hoped you liked this idea and it comes in handy for your birthday party!!!"

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