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Hollywood Scarlet Party -13yr- Limo At School



August 2007


chelsey in canada

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Hollywood Star Party

For my birthday I did not know what to do, I was stumped. Then it hit me like a super gigantic Oscar; do a Hollywood so for my 13th birthday I did a Hollywood scarlet theme. I invited 7 people + me so there was 8 of us(you don't want it to be uneven).

INVITES: for the invitations I made a ticket that was black and gold, then on the front I typed, dear(name) you have bin invited to a Hollywood scarlet party, anyone who's anybody will be there! And on the inside I wrote I want you to feel like a star so please dress like one! (I also included that you did no have to ware you outfit to school, just bring one!)I also asked them to bring a prepared award speech and the usual, it was a sleep over, time, place so the party was on a Friday and I needed all of my gussets to feel like royalty so I got a limo to pick us up from school!

I did not tell any one about the limo. I got the principal to announce it on the intercom at the last day announcements. You should have seen there faces!!! They where jumping and laughing and that was the highlight to my party (besides presents of course!!) so when we all got to the limo the diver was standing outside waiting for us, he was holding 7 carnations that where dipped in glitter and one rose that was dipped in glitter to (me and my mom made them the night before, they are really easy, all u do is dip flowers in glitter!)  as we each got into the limo he gave us a flower and I got the rose!

When we where settled the driver drove us around the block so we could go and wave to all of our friends then he took us to a covenant store so we  could all get slurpes .then we got back In the limo and we go a tour of downtown for about an hour. Then we got dropped off at my house, I had bought a long strip of cheep red fabric and my mom draped it along our driveway and up our steps, along the walk of fame there was 8 wooden stars painted gold, each girl took one and wrote ther names on it and traced one of there hands. As my little brother was taking pictures and acting like the paparazzi, my older sister had a video camera and was taping her self as a reporter, she interviewed all of my gussets and asked all the gossipy questions!(then my sister took pictures and made a slide show for the oscars)

Once we got inside we went strait for the stars café and hat little finger foods like sandwiches cut into stars and bagel bites then the cake, it was in the shape of a Oscar, after we ate we all sat around the table and I got my presents, and I gave them my loot bags. They where little polka dotted Chinese food boxes filled with lip gloss, head bands an a necklace with matching earrings .then we all went to the Oscars. We all went to the rec. room and my mom had placed the red carpet down the center of the room. With glowing stars on the walls and ceiling (it was already about 9:30 so it was dark) we all took a seat in whatever number seat our ticket says.

Then we dimmed the lights and I went up to the podium (which was really just a small and tall and skinny table) I announced that this was the choscars (Chelsey's Oscars)  and that throughout the evening my family had been voting on the choscars for one of us to win and I had 7 different categories like: the best outfit, the funniest, the person with best makeup ect and every one won an award and also presented one. My older sister interviewed some people who won awards and filmed the choscars.

Then when we all went upstairs to play sleepover games like truth or dare and give another make over she took all of the slide show that we used for the choscars and the interviews, before ceremony and actual choscars and made a half an hour film of the choscars! Then in the morning when we all woke up we watched the choscars!!! It was the best birthday party EVA!!! All of my friends loved it and I hope I can master this party next year!!!

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