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Hollywood Themed Night -14yr- Celeb Who Am I



January 2008


Emma in England, UK

Honorable Mention

Hollywood Star Party

For my 14th birthday party, a couple of years ago, I decided to hold a Hollywood themed night.

INVITATIONS- A few weeks before my party, I gave homemade invitations to my guests. I had looked to buy some, but couldn't find any Hollywood themed ones so decided to make them instead. Using black card I made a clapperboard shape. On the front, using silver pen, I drew on the design of a clapperboard. Where it says things like 'production', 'director' and 'scene' I filled it in with 'birthday party', 'Emma' and 'my house!'. When you opened the card there was a message, in silver pen, telling the guests what to wear and what time to come etc.

DRESS CODE- In the invitations, I asked my guests to come dressed in formal attire, as if they were going to a red-carpet event. My guests really liked this idea, loving the excuse to get dressed up!

DECORATIONS-  I had my party at my house, where I used two rooms; the sitting room and the dining room. In the sitting room I hung a gold glitter curtain over the door. On the wall I hung a big 'Hollywood' sign. Then, hanging from the ceilings, I put these glittery cardboard cutouts cameras and spotlights.

My colour theme was black, gold and silver so, in these colours, i bought some balloons and hung them around the room. In the dining room, where we were going to eat, I bought a party tablecloth with gold and silver stars for the table. I also bought a centrepiece for the table that was in the shape of a clapperboard. Around the room I hung balloons and streamers, in gold and silver. Hanging from the chandelier light were also some gold and silver spirals.

Finally, I got a candle in the shape of a champagne bottle to put on the table. On the table I also sprinkled silver and gold sequin stars.

PARTY DAY----- Whene my guest arrived in the late afternoon, we all went in the sitting room where we took photos of each other walking a pretend catwalk! Then I opened my presents. Next we went into the dining to eat dinner.

FOOD- For food everyone sat at the tabel where there was a buffet-type layout. My friends are quite fussy eaters and some are vegetarians and have allergies etc. so the food had to be quite simple; something that everyone could eat. There was hot dogs, french bread, crisps, salad, mini pizza bites. We had cheese and cucumber on cocktail sticks, and for the sticks we got some with flowers on - this isn't really in the theme but it looked nice! For drinks we had coke in the glass bottles, with those decorative umbrellas and silver straws.

Then, for dessert, we had birthday cake! I had made the cake and decorated it - it was chocolate with a white chocolate star on the top and the word 'Hollywood'. I got this edible glitter to paint on top of the star. I also bought these candles for it that, when you light them, have multi-coloured flames, which looked good!

ACTIVITIES- After the food, we went back into the sitting room. I had made a celebrity quiz, which we played. The guests worked in teams of two and the team that got the most right won a prize. For the winners prize I bought them a box of pink roses that you put in the baths. Then, I got everyone else a little prize too; some bath soap.

We also played 'Who am I?' where you take turns in picking up a card with a celebrity's name on, and everyone has to ask you questions to work out who it is, but you're only allowed to answer 'yes' or 'no'. Then we watched a film that my friends and I had chosen before the party. After the film my guests left. Everyone said what a great time they had and it was just a really fun evening!

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