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Halloween Sleepover Party -13yr- Coffin Invitations



October 2007


lynn in myrtle beach, SC, USA

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Teen Halloween Party

For my first birthday as an offical teenager" I wanted something really cool and since my birthdays 5 days after halloween I thought this would be a awesome idea. (you can change this to just a halloween glam sleepover). First we went online looking for invitation ideas then we just went to a local craft store and bought some cardbord mini coffins. decorated them with paint  and made them all old looking.

We filled the coffins with black tissue paper and put a scroll inside in it saying when for RSVP ect. It starts at 6pm and will end sometime in the morning. We even burnt the sides of the scrolls to make them look all old and scary. But it was tied together with this hot pink animal print to bring in the glam we also stuck a bottle of nail polish in it. They look so cute I cant wait to hand them out.

We have already planed the whole party even though it’s a mounth away.  I invited about 15 people and they can all invite a friend if they want too this is so nobody ever gets left out at they party. [but they cant spend the night they will leave at 8pm]

For Decorations we got Big funkey colored lanerns that we coveredand we put really nice designer tags hanging off the bottom such as Juicy Coutore Betsey Johnson & cool store tags. That really brought creepy and cute togeter. Then we got this white tent at a local thrift store for $100 dollars and stamped paint stamps on top of th cover in the shape of bats witches and halloween stuff. The paint we used for the stamps were these really funky colors. We got for under the tent these really cool halloween plastic table covers but we put them on the ground so we could sit there.

On top of the table covers we are going to put Pillows and blankets so we can sit down and read are palms and taret cards. We also got white paper bags and sand with some tealight candles to light the passage way from the end of my driveway to my backyard. We also already rented a dj for the night so we can dance and chat in the backyard under the tent and in the yard.

At 8pm we will take down are Glam haunted Backyard & head upstairs too hang out in are "spots." We divided my 2nd and 3rd floor up into sections where we will have everyone sleep & chill. The first area is in my room which will be called "so galmerous its scary." I have all these punk/glam cloths and chunkey jerlery. There is cool colored streamers hanging everywhere black lights. There is also Glam rock music playing the whole time.The plus about this room is it has a attached bathroom which none of the other "spots" have.

The second spot is called "Horrarific Beautey" this room is equpied with tons of halloween makeup that makes your skin look like flesh fake blood & super cool strobe Lights. The last "spot" is on my 3rd floor it is called "the attic." This room is the most scarry it has a lot of freaky decorations. & this part is really cool I bought 2 new costumes and had everyone bring there halloween costume for this year and there previous ones everyone dresses up in anyones costume but their own and we have a fashion show.

Around 3 we will all probably be wiped and go to sleep wake up tomarrow have dounguts and send everyone home."

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