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Teen Halloween Party - Mummy Wrap Corndogs



March 2007


Daniela in Thornton, Colorado, USA

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Teen Halloween Party

TEEN HALLOWEEN PARTY. This fun Halloween party is for anyone, all guys, all girls, or both! For my party, I had guys and girls. I invited about 20 people to mine; this is for about 10-40 people. People can come in costumes if they want, but you don't have to. You can also host it  on the day of Halloween, like me, or a weekend close to it. 

INVATATIONS: I printed up some invatations on the computer and decorated it all scary! I included a (small) bottle of glow-in-the-dark nail polish for the girls, and a little pack of candy for the guys. 

DECORATION: This is my favoite part!! I got all my decorations at regular grocery stores, like K-Mart. I put up in-expensive black and orange streamers and paper spiders everywhere. There were fake spider webs in every corner and along the celing.On my couch, I put on a couch cover that looked like a coffin that I got at the dollar store. There were jack-o-lanterns and candles everywere, and other than black light and a purple light bulb, there was no other lightng, so the room had an eerie glow. In the corner, there was a sound and motion-activated singing skeleton, and it made everyone jump!

In one of my hallways, I blocked it totally off with fake caution tape and let my other hallway to the party room normal. Outside, I had my regular Halloween decorations up and put up an old, wooden sign that I made (with an old, beat-up wooden bored on a stick) that said in red and glow-in-the-dark letters, BEWARE! PARTY TOO FUN!!!". Of course a Halloween party wouldn't be complete without a fog machine and scary music!!!  

FOOD: My party had the best food! We had things like finger-shaped sandwhiches (with an onion for the nail) mummy-wrapped corndogs (which is a hot dog with cornbread wrapped around it looking like a mummy) grave-yard Oreo desssert (a pound cake with Oreos on top and biscotti "gravestones") and of course "bloody" friut punch (cranberry juice pomagrante juice ginger ale and raspbery sorbet)!! I put all these things on a buffet table so the guests could eat whenever they want. In the center of my counter I had a chocolate fondue fountain that I got for $20 at K-Mart. Guests would dip strawberries melon "eyeballs" and other friuts in it.  

ACTIVITIES: At my party we had some fun activites like apple-bobbing. The one who could bob most apples in a tank of water in a certin time would win a giant carmel apple! We also did a creepy haunted scaventure hunt. The guests (split up into teams) used flash-lights to follow a series of clues and record everything with a cam-corder as they go along (I had some guests bring cam corders and used my own too). But here's the catch: it's in pure darkness only with a strobe light and flashlights to use.

Scary music played in the backround and my family helped out by dressing as phantoms or other spooky things and randomly scaring the guests! The last "stop" was in the storage where my mom had on a dark cloth over her head and first freaked them out and then told them that they won jumbo-sized candy bars. My friends were totally freaked out by this game!!

After that we danced and talked and danced and talked. Not to mention we watched the videos that we made during the scaventure hunt and voted on whose is scariest (it was kinda like watching "World's Scariest Places)! Then we went to play "hide and go 'KILL'!" It's pretty much regular hide and seek but you play it with only a flashlight and stobelight (spooky music too). Not to mention my "ghost" family helping out again! 

PARTY FAVORS: After that fun and scary party guests went home with a little Halloween basket full of WAY more candy than ususal parties (it WAS Halloween!)! Also inside the basket was a little card that had a small thank you note on it and a picture taken by me or one of my "helpers" of their scared face while in the haunted party! Ha! It's a life-lasting memory! 

After my party EVERYBODY (even people that didn't come this time) kept asking me when I'm gonna host another party. I became famous by this party!!!!!"

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