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October 2008


Ragon in Virginia, United States

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Teen Halloween Party

I am going to have a (hopefully) AMAZING Halloween party this year for me and my sister's best friends. We are inviting about 30 people in all. 

INVITATIONS  The invitations are a simple piece of black paper with the details written in silver gel pen. Required costumes are always really fun and get everyone in the halloween mood. 

DECORATIONS I am going to get as many black lights as I can and that is going to be the only way I light my basement. I'm going to buy blacklight reactive balloons from and put those around the room. I have a fog machine that I'm going to stick under a table to fill the room with an eerie fog. I have a big square blank wall that I'm going to cover with a spiderweb that I'm going to make out of blacklight rope but you can also use very white rope that glows under a black light. In the middle I'm going to put a big fake spider.

For a really cool drink server thing I'm going to get an inexpensive drink cauldron and fill it with green apple soda. To cool it off I'm getting a piece of food-grade dry ice and putting it in the soda. It should fog over and maybe bubble. For a extra special glowing touch I'm going to create a molding with blacklight tape. Get a TON of inexpensive glowsticks at the dollar store. 

FOOD I'm having my friend make little finger sandWITCHes for the food. But for little side food I'm having a bowl of candy corn, black and orange IZZEs, and basically anything fun and tasty I can think of. Food isn't usually the highlight of the party. Anything yummy and halloween-ey. 

ACTIVITIES First off we're having a costume contest! I'm getting a witches hat and passing it around and people put their votes in for the SCARIEST, CUTEST, MOST CREATIVE, and any other award I want. Then that person will win a little halloweeney prize. A CD you put together yourself could be cool. 

Some other little things I'm doing are doughnut bobbing (hang doughnuts by a string from a tree or something and have people try to eat them with out using their hands. It's HARD.), mummying contest (break into teams and you have to mummify someone wsith toilet paper. Then unwrap carefully and do it to someone else.), make the zombies laugh (Tell all the guests to lie still on the floor like a zombie. Select somebody to be it". That person's job is to make the other guests laugh. "It" can make funny faces dance act silly whatever inspires him or her. Once a "zombie" laughs he or she can join "it" in attempting to make the group laugh. Whoever holds out the longest without laughing is the winner.)

Balloon burst (Decorate the room with orange balloons. Before you blow them up place a piece of paper in some or all with a specific instruction on it. Each person has to burst a balloon and do whatever is on the piece of paper. Some suggestions are: kiss the nearest goblin, jump like a kangaroo, eat something black, hop on one leg for 30 seconds etc.. Probably shouldn't use blacklight balloons for this too expensive.)

The dancing game (putting on halloween music [see music section] have everybody dance really wild then have a family member pause the music and everyone has to immeadiatly stop dancing in their pose. Another fun thing is to have people dance as nerdy as they possibly can. No joke. It's suprisingly REALLY fun.) a photo op (REALLY fun. Set up a really cool booth kind of thing with halloween decorations and allow people to geth their picture taken in front of it by themselves or with their friends.

Have an adult take the pictures. If someone wants one printed out then give it to them if you see it later.) flashlight tag and we may watch Hocus Pocus (an AMAZING halloween movie for virtually all ages.) And my mom is going to set up a really cool flashlight scavenger hunt for us with prizes at the end. 

COSTUME: I'M going to be a french-baroque masquerader but my friends are going to be a ninja a gothic doll a football player a necromancer a ladybug etc. etc.  If you're creative and are fascinated by old french-colonial masquerade parties you can make a costume by getting a lonf skirt and a quarter length sleeve shirt. Put lace on the edges of the shirt and add any other detailing you want with stuff like plastic pearls lace and bows. Then either buy a fancy mask or make one yourself with sequins asnd feathers. I'm hoping it's going to be really pretty. 

I hope you enjoy this party and I hope I enjoy it too. :] "

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