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Costume Party -13yr- Costume Contest



January 2007


Michelle in Ridgecrest, CA, U.S.A


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For my 13th birthday party I wanted to do something new. So, I decided a Costume Party!

Invitation: My invitation is pretty simple. I picked my two favorite colors, Purple and Blue. I wrote MICHELLE is having her 13th Birthday Party! Come in a costume!" the I added the info. It was on a single piece of paper instead of a card. I punched a hole in the corner and added Blue and Purple Ribbon tied in a bow.

Decorations: Well I got to use our basement for the party. I made a canapy of blue and purple crepe paper strands. Alternate the colors for a cool affect. Leave enough paper so it hangs down to the ground. I added twinkle lights on the canapy for a twinkle affect. We inflated purple blue and silver ballons with helleum and attached them to the canapy.

We found red fabric to make a red carpet affect. We cut the fabric to the length we desired. We stretched it out starting at the door and going across. It was the perfect way to enter. In the entrance to the basement we had a beaded curtain. We found a lot af beads that matched our color sceme. We strung them on fishing line. At the top we had rings. In the door way we had a curtain rod to hold the beaded strings. We slid the rings on the rod and put it up.

Food: For our food we had home made pizza. We bought premade pizza crust pizza sauce cheese and a variety of toppings. We followed the instructions and we made our pizzas with pizzazz. For snacks we had chips veggie plater fruit and a bunch more.

For drinks we had Sprite Dr.Pepper Sunkist And Root Beer. Besides cake We had cookies and fruit that you could dip in our chocolate foutain. We also had cupcakes Ice Cream Birthday Cake and Brownies. All of the food was set up on a LONG buffet. The plates were fun. We had a large blue plate for pizza small purple ones for dessert and snacks Silver cups napkins forks and spoons.

Games: First game we played was Runway. We had three judges and everyone else in a costume fashion show! One at a time we would walk out on our red carpet pose and sit in the audience. The judges scores for different categories like Funniest costume or best runway walk.At the end of the party we would announce who won and they would get a small prize But evryone got a prize in the end. Make sure you have runway music to match.

We also had a scavenger hunt. We had a list of costume props like a mask Beaded nacklace gloves etc. they had a limit to 30 miniutes to find everything on the list. They could go anywhere in the house. The first to come back with all the items got to keep one item they found.

Gift Bags: For gift bags we had a beaded nacklace a thank you card a mask candy and a small keychain. This party was So much fun! I had the BEST BIRTHDAY PARTY EVER!"

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