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Halloween Party - Spooky Sleepover



October 2006


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Teen Halloween Party

if you want the COOLEST teen halloween party, then look no further. This year for my birthday  (which just so happens to fall rather close to halloween) i had 30+ girls come over for a sleep over. 

My mother and i had a hard time picking invites that were just right for the party, but then we  found some very cute ones at a stationary store in our town.  I didn't want to deal with making  people wear a costume that would just get in the way, so i just made it a simple relaxing party.

i  had some of my older family members/ shaporones dress up though, just for laughs. I have a very  long driveway covered with trees that i hung spiders and spiderwebs in. When the guest arrived and  got out of thier cars, a parent was sitting on a bench dressed as a scarecrow. It gave my freinds a  real fright when the parent jumped out at them.

I had a cemetary out front of my house, a fog  machine, glow and the dark paint on the side walk, and a huge spider web and spider glowing off of  the black lights. it was amazing. When the guests walked in, they were greated with hundreds of  balloons and gloating ghosts and bats tied to the ceiling. I didn't want to spend too much money on  props so the decor was plain and simple. black and orange streamers hung all over the ceiling.  jack-o-lanterns and candles were the main source of lighting. it was way cool.

In the living room,  food was set up on three tables. We had everything from a giant five foot long bread snake to  chocoalte mice. The food was soooo good.

After all of the guests arrived and got totally  comfortable, I took them outside. We had rented a huge tent for all of us to sleep in. We bought  cheap fabrics from the local fabric store and hung them losely over the ceiling bars. Velvet covered  hundreds of pillows laying on the ground over the air matresses that we borrowed from friends.  Everyone loved it.

After that, we mingled and ate food until out first activity began. I had the  shaparones drive us into town where we had a video scavenger hunt where we looked for  everything from grafitii to a stranger who let us dec. them out as a mummy. It was a blast. The kids  had soo much fun, they couldn't stop talking about it. When we got home we sat around the fire  and told ghost stories.

Our dinner was a wide range of food: ribs, pizza, salade, etc. My two cakes  were soo cool. We ordered them from a bakery and they were sooo amazing! One was a warewolf  head and the other was a pumpkin. It  was great. After playing quick fun games like brainteaers we  printed out from the internet, we all went to bed. Breakfest was a buffet of wafles, pancakes, french  toast, eggs, ham, bacon, etc.. Etc the party was talked about for years to come!

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