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Friday the 13th Party - Lots of Activities



August 2006


Taylor in Mesa, Arizona, United States


Teen Halloween Party

This is a FRIDAY THE 13TH Party. I will invite all four of my teenage friends from school to come over on that exact day. (We all have no school on Fridays). We will do the same fun things that you will usually do at a regular teenage party except near the ending of it.     

WHEN: On Friday the 13th of course! Also make sure that you have this party in the Fall months to make the theme extra flattering. (It will darken sooner outside and it will hopefully be windier and cooler).    

WHAT TO WEAR: This might not be okay with the guest's parents, but if all possible, wear all black! Try to have the girls wear dark, black mascara, black lipstick, and have black fingernails. Have the boys wear their hair all spiky! Have everybody wear black cat ears! Gothic time!    

FOOD: Have tons of yummy food assortments! Try out-of-the ordinary stuff like cream puffs, Cantaloupe Juice, Fried icecream, pocky, Top Rawmen, Prickly pear lemonade, Chocolate-covered blueberries, Cookie dough, Jelly cups, nutella and those gummy pizzas! Oh yeah! Get those grape-flavoured lollipops and make everyone's tongue turn and stay Purple!     

DECORATIONS: Get balloons that Are all black and blow them up by yourself. Let tons and tons of them float all over the floor. String some popcorn and hang it all over the place. Put a ladder in the entrance hallway to walk under. (They have no choice). Put a silver disco ball in an attractive place. Hang uncolored Christmas lights everywhere!      


1. Go to a pyschic reader to get a reading.

2. Go swimming outside at nighttime.

3. Watch a scary movie.

4. Play DDR (Dance Dance Revolution).

5. Bob for apples!

6. Toliet-paper something.( Don't do it on someone's house)

7. Play Vampire.

8. Play hide and seek in the dark.     

WHAT TO DO AT THE ENDING: Have the lights on in the house for at least 15 minutes. Then ask a parent to go outside without being noticed and turn the electricity off in the whole house! Then have the parent go back inside as loud as they can and scare everybody! (Hide all house phones and cellphones so nobody can accidentaly dial 911).       

CONCLUSION: Hope this helps! This is great for teens who want a different twist on their party! See ya later!

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