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Haunted Graveyard - Fog Machines



June 2004


Kama in Mans. Ohio, Untied states


Teen Halloween Party

This year my friend and I are planning our birthday parties. She was just going to have a small party @ her house for me and another friend. Her birthday is in August and mine is in Sep. Well i wanted a big party about 50-100 people.

When I started thinking what I could do it hit me that her and I are both turning 13 so it would be neat if we had a joined birthday party.

Well i was already planning a theme of a haunted graveyard birthday party. when I told her the theme she was like that is so awsome. So her and i are using my church gym and fixing it to look all scary and like a graveyard.

For invitations: we are takeing a sugar cookie and frosting it wraping it in plastic rap, tieing it with black ribbion, and tieing construction paper shaped like a tombstone. Writing the usall date time place rsvp to the warewolf.

My brother and 2 of his friends are helping out my brother and his friend jackson will be the Dj at the party and his other friend we are haveing hide underneath hay so when people walk by he jumps up.

My friend and I are renting some fog machines and some strobe lights for this. We have fake tombstones that we are using all around we are buying some bails of hay to put were we will take there pictures when they walk in. This is also going to be a dance so there is 66 people on our guest list already.

For food we are having pasta with red food coloring. Next we are also having the red punch bowl with a floating hand (A GLOVE FILLED WITH WATER AND FROZEN)  when the guest arrive my mom is going to show them where to go.

Next when they walk into the room there will be black, orange, brown, white, gray, and red balloons and streamers every where. Also when they walk in there will be scary movie. And my friend sarah (who I am sharing this party with) she is dressing up as a fortune teller. And I am dressing up as the headless horseman or the grim reaper.

Also we are having everyone decorate a gramcraker house. And there will be a kearokie machine that I will thank everyone for comeing and that I will give all the people who helpt decorate the party come up and there will be a little treat for them.

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