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Freaky Fabulous Superstitious -13yr- Umbrellas & Mirrors



November 2013


Maggie in Grayslake, Illinois USA

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Urban legend and superstition have always deemed the number 13 as unlucky, so for my 13th birthday I decided to invite 13 of my closest friends and play on this idea while also giving it a twist: Freaky and Fabulous Superstitious 13th Birthday Bash!   Color Scheme: Hot pink, Silver, Black Urban legend and superstition have always deemed the number 13 as unlucky, so for my 13th birthday I decided to invite 13 of my closest friends and play on this idea while also giving it a twist: Freaky and Fabulous Superstitious 13th Birthday Bash!   Color Scheme: Hot pink, Silver, & Black. 

INVITATIONS: Front- I used a picture of a broken mirror (found online) and typed Feeling Lucky?" in a spooky font then I printed it on card stock.  Inside- the invite read as follows:  "Cast your superstitions aside for this freaky and fabulous celebration" 'Name's' Superstitious 13th Birthday Party! "   Date: Location:  RSVP:  "It's 7 years of bad luck if you miss this party!"  I printed this on card stock and then used a hot pink brad to connect both pieces. 

DECORATIONS:  For my dining room tablescape:  - Doll sized lace umbrellas  opened (Unlucky to open an umbrella indoors)  - Broken mirror pieces scattered across the table (7 years of bad luck) - Large rock salt scattered across the table (Spilled salt is unlucky) - Floral arrangements with 13 roses (Unlucky 13) - Place cards made out of scrapbook paper with name picture of 4 leaf clover and horseshoe  (Good Luck charms)  -Dinner place settings  Other Decorations: I set up little scenes that correlated with different superstitious beliefs all around my house: -ladder arch way for guests to walk under (Bad luck to walk under a ladder) -a crack on my hallway floor made out of streamers (Step on a crack break your Mother's back)  -13 silhouettes of black cats mounted on various walls (Bad luck to cross paths with a black cat)  -horseshoes and pennies facing up (Good luck charms) 

FOOD: Spaghetti and meatball dinner- long noodles represent long life the longer the noodle the better! -Salad- green symbolizes wealth and prosperity -Garlic bread flipped upside down- considered unlucky  

DESSERT:  Fortune cookie cupcakes- The recipe was found in the cookbook "Hello Cupcake"  - Basically you roll out cooking caramels until they are flat and then mold them into the shape of fortune cookies!  - I included little fortunes that said: "Thank you for celebrating my Freaky and Fabulous Birthday with me!"  Breakfast:  - We had lucky charms cereal and fruit salad that included apples (An apple a day keeps the doctor away!) also orange juice (Citrus fruits bring good luck) 

GAMES: One of my favorite birthday games that is ongoing throughout the party is called "Forbidden Words" create a list of 5-10 words that would typically be used at a birthday- some examples: birthday cake candles presents sleeping bag superstition freaky etc. Whenever you get caught saying one of the forbidden words you gain a point- the goal is to have the least amount of points by the end of the party! It's fun to see guests try and avoid the forbidden words or trick each other into saying them!  - Hand mirror toss- similar to hot potato. Be sure not to break the mirror!  -Ladder Limbo- use a ladder where you can adjust the height. 

ACTIVITY:  The main event for the evening was a murder mystery that I had ordered online. It was a Miss America murder mystery which I thought fit nicely with the freaky and fabulous theme! The murder mystery package included the character profiles and story lines but we added some extra events and activities into the night as well. Each guest was given a different contestant: Miss Hawaii Miss New York Miss California Miss Oklahoma etc. the guests were asked to wear pageant-like dresses (We found some fabulous dresses at Goodwill for super cheap!) We had three different events:

1. Formal Wear: My mom pretended to be the pageant MC with a microphone and introduced each contestant as they strut their stuff down the hallway. Before we began each guest filled out a little questionnaire that included things like: Favorite food? Favorite subject in school? An interesting fact about yourself? Pets?  My mom would then introduce them: "Contestant #3- Emily! Blonde hair and hazel eyes her favorite food is Sushi and she enjoys playing soccer on the school team" 

2. Talent: I assigned each girl a talent (Preferably an activity that they participate in)  Some ideas: - Play a song on Piano - Sing a song - Baton Twirl - Hula Dance (Perfect for Miss Hawaii) - Tell Jokes - Make up a dance

3. Interview Questions: Each girl took a turn answering questions like: favorite childhood experience? Person who has made the biggest impact in your life? Dream career?  After all three events everyone voted on the different categories and the winners received a certificate. Categories Included:  -Best Dressed -Most Talented -Best Runway Walk -Best Interview Response -Overall Winner. 

CRAFT: Before beginning the murder mystery each guest made a pageant sash decorated with puffy paint glitter glue sequins ribbon sparkles and jewels.  Scavenger Hunt: This is an all time favorite at my birthdays! Each guest looked for three items hidden throughout my house. 1. A compact mirror 2. Tiara (For the murder mystery) 3. Socks that had a four leaf clover and horseshoe print. These items were the party favors as well!   Some other ideas: When it was time to put on our pajamas we wore them inside out because it is considered good luck!   Hope you have fun with this theme it was a lot of fun to plan and there is room for so much creativity! My friends still talk about this party to this day! Enjoy! "

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