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Spooky House Party -16yr- Cosmic Vollyball



Sept 2002


Mary in Grayson, GA  USA


Teen Halloween Party

My son's 16th birthday was the day before Friday the 13th, so we chose that for the theme of his party.  We have a very long driveway covered mostly with trees, so we used that to our advantage and made the drive to the house a spooky one.  We lined torches along the driveway and some fake spiderwebs to go along with the real ones in the trees. 

My younger son and his friends took great pleasure in being in charge of dropping huge rubber spiders from the branches when a car drove up. 

Decorations were simple.  Some black crepe paper streamers with red and black balloons in the garage and back yard, where the party would take place. 

I bought a few Friday the 13th "Jason" masks to hang around.  You can buy the glow-in-the-dark ones at the dollar store.  My son wanted a new electric guitar and amplifier for his birthday, so I set that up on the deck.  Some of his friends play other instruments, so we had them set up as well, and had a complete band for the party. 

Everyone enjoyed the live music, and because there were so many talented kids there, they took turns playing while everyone danced. 

Food was fun to create, using a spooky theme.  His birthday is in September, so all of the stores already have Halloween items for sale.  We had a bowl full of eyeball gumballs, and the cake was decorated like a "Scream" mask. 

We cooked hamburgers on the grill, and "bobbed" for apples hanging on strings.  We played "cosmic volleyball", using a glow-in-the-dark ball.  We had scary movies playing in the basement for anyone brave enough to descend the stairs with the black light on.  Everyone had a blast! Being spooked is great fun for teenagers.

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