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Scariest B-day Bash Ever! (13-17yr) Ice Sculpture



April 2012


Sarah in Georgia USA

April 2012 Winner

Teen Halloween Party

If your birthday is near Halloween, or you just want to have an awesome Halloween party, you've come to the right place!     For this party there are many different sections of the house being used and each of them have individual themes, if you prefer to use one theme throughout your house, feel free. Please note that this party should not have younger siblings as many aspects could definitely scare the wits out of a child.

INVITATIONS:  For invitees a suitable number is about 75-100 people, that is the right amount for a bash but if you prefer to invite just 10-20 good friends that is perfectly fine. So for the invitation we used a shimmery, foil like piece of card stock. Next we dipped the top half of the front of the card in red paint diluted with water. This gave it a very natural looking, bloody appearance. After this we used black gel pen to write in who,where,when,etc; and the phrase You're invited for a spooktacular night on fun for _____'s birthday!" Also we wrote that entrance will be given only if proof of invitation is shown. Lastly we sprinkled silver and black glitter to add some shine. I put all the invites in black envelopes and put some glitter in the envelope as well. Everyone loved the invitations and thought they were great! 

DECORATIONS:  As I said earlier I used many different themes. For the BACKYARD I used the theme "When Hell Freezes Over." We wrote this on a banner in red paint to look like dripping blood. So my backyard is made of a very grassy hill with a large and flat area. We have a basement and there is a deck connected to the second floor so we also have a covered space in our backyard next the basement. Lastly I have a small circle of trees. So for the backyard decorations I started by decorating the whole deck with black tablecloths as the "floor" and weighing them down with skulls. We put out a long table with different snacks labeled with witty nicknames. For example we with had a large platter of chicken fingers labeled "Human Fingers" and mini cupcakes called "Death by Chocolates". We also had California rolls lain out and labeled "Raw Meat" Then on the deck there was also a large table with a laptop hooked up to speakers with a 5 hour long playlist to serve as music for that area. Song selection included "Party Rock Star ships and Cannibal" Next we again sprinkled red and white glitter all over the black floor. To represent the fire and ice from the theme.

The real decorating came on the grass. We started with glowing white red and black balloons hanging off the deck and we purchased a balloon arch (you can have them custom made) to greet the guests. The balloon arch was at the top of the hill and on the way down the descent were tiki torches with fake fire (they can be purchased at home depot). Then we both the fake plastic crystals to look like ice and lay them around the tiki; the torches and ice bordered a long white carpet spattered with fake blood (paint). At the bottom of hill (the flat area) we hung fake multicolored candles on the branches like disco balls.

Then we put an awesome ice sculpture in the shape of fire (you can get them custom made online.) After that we used skulls to weigh down clear tablecloths which where reflected on by the candles to create a dance floor. So in the backyard part of the outside area their was a walkway and an awesome dance floor. As I said I have a deck and we used the area under the deck too. If you don't have an area under deck you can use your side yard or something. So in the area under the deck we purchased plastic round tables and covered half with red tablecloths and half with white. Then we used fold up chairs with white tablecloths with eyes to look like ghosts. The tablecloths matched the white and red paper plates and cups that were available on the deck. Lastly under the deck was a long buffet table stretched out with bowls of every candy and soda you could name! The last part of the backyard we have a circle of trees and a fire pit (if you don't have a fire pit don't do this) we set out blankets around it and supplied sticks and marshmallows for a delicious experience! Also around the whole backyard we had red black white and silver balloons tied to trees and other things and streamers in the same color.

The next theme was on the MAIN LEVEL OF MY HOUSE which was basically a traditional party with Halloween themed colors. The guests were greeted with an orange purple and black (traditional Halloween colors)balloon arch. Next was the staircase which we marked off limits because we would not be allowed to go on the upper level of my house. We also closed off the formal living room and the formal dining (because they both have priceless statues and china) with opaque black curtains and caution tape for fun. The living room had been converted into a huge dance lounge complete with 5 disco balls (they can be purchased at placed like Walmart k-mart toys r us) the lights turned off and a dance floor mat that really lit up (we bought it from a party store)In the kitchen we set up another buffet table with regular party food and another table with cups and plates. The kitchen was basically a place to chill and hang out as was the sun room. In all the rooms except the living room (dance room) we hung tons of purple orange and black streamers everywhere. On walls on tables on doors. And we had regular balloons lying around everywhere as well as helium balloons floating around. At every entrance to a room without an actual door we hung streamers like curtains.

The last theme of the party was in THE BASEMENT this was a haunted house. On the main floor there is a door that leads to the stairs into the basement so we decorated that with black streamers and large gray cutout letters reading "The Demonic Asylum: Haunted House" also write about the flashing lights and how you should go in at your own risk. My basement is unfinished so it was very easy to work with. On the stairs down I taped little pieces of paper with writing in red pastels to look like blood. Each step had it's own message including "Turn back now" "I remember when I was as ignorant as you" "Run before it's too late" and "Big mistake go while you can" On the walls surrounding the stairs I bought decals of zombies, mummies, ghosts, and dripping blood (very cheap at the Halloween store) and those really helped set the scene. At the bottom of the stairs their was a Frankenstein hanging by its neck from the ceiling. When you turn right from the stairs there is an empty room - there is no door so I used black streamers as a curtain and used a sign that said "Graveyard". There was music playing and it was kind of just a dancing room that had gravestones on all the walls, except for one wall, which we bought an interactive coffin with a hand sticking out. If you get too close then a creaking noise, and a creepy skeleton pops out and maniacally laughs. Every now and then someone would get too close and that coffin would scare the wits out of them. Also, in the graveyard room I hung bats from the ceiling, and there were silver helium balloons. The walls were covered in black streamers and the only color came from a few disco balls around the room.

The next part of the haunted house was down the hall and straight by the stairs into another room. That room didn't have a door either so we made a construction paper curtain that looked like an old brown door. Inside the room was a rocking chair with a dead body on it (fake of course from the Halloween store) it was beyond creepy! There was also an i-pod playing oldish creepy songs from the old west and a few chairs for people to sit and talk. We decorated it with brown streamers and red paint splattered around. I also got a rubber knife which we put in the fake dead person's hand to add to the freakishness. The last part of the haunted house was a very long narrow hall type room. This was the perfect place to set up a super freaky dance lounge. The whole thing was empty so on the one side we put a red rug with black bean bags for chilling. On the other end was a lit up dance floor mat with disco balls. But all the walls were lined with cobwebs forked candle holders coffins fake dead bodies interactive skeletons that talked and a cardboard sarcophagi (all purchased from the Halloween store except we made the sarcophagus with paint and cardboard) The cool part was that the whole time in the background on an i-pod we had screaming so everyone chilling and dancing was reminded that this was a haunted house. For the overall decoration of this part we used black and red streamers hanging skulls (from the dollar store) helium filled balloons and black translucent tablecloths to cover the windows. NOTE: remember to remind all guests of the off limit rooms such as rooms with valuable items and bedrooms.

ACTIVITIES:  Since this is a bash it is not an organized party so everyone kind of does there own thing. The activities available were chilling (talking playing truth or dare etc.) dancing (this included a dance party and a dance contest: this included prizes to the best dancing couple) eating and the haunted house.

GAMES: The only game was murder in the dark. At about 12:00 we rounded everyone up to play murder in the dark. If you are unfamiliar with this game it is where you have a bunch of slips of paper in a basket, each one has a phrase that says the following: murderer, investigator, civilian, and police. So there is one murderer, one investigator, and one police officer; however many people are playing that will be the number of civilian cards minus three. So everyone draws a card, looks at it and puts it back. Then all the lights go off and the person whoever drew the card "murderer" has to quietly go around tapping people on the shoulder thus "killing them", then they can drag them to a hiding spot (such as under a couch) so people don't see the dead body. Of another person (can't be the murderer) finds someone laying down they can ask the question "are you dead" the person truthfully responds yes or no. If the answer is responds no, nothing happens. If the answer is yes, the person who found the dead person yells "Murder in the dark". Next, all the lights go on and the investigator asks questions to find out who murdered the person. It is a very cool game and can be very horrifyingly fun. Anyway that is the only game and we used the inside of my house using only the main part and the basement. It was very fun because there were so many people!

PARTY SNACKS: No formal dinner was served but their were various snacks outside and on the main level. Chicken strips (Human Fingers) Death by chocolate cupcakes, Sushi (raw meat), pizza, mac n' cheese, cheeseburger sliders, mountain dew, coke, and Dr.pepper (all that caffeine is what kept us up for a long time). Also served were various candies, including: sour patch kids, gummies, chocolate kisses, bubblegum, red vines, mike and Ike, jelly beans, lemon heads, and airheads.  The dance contest, and the Murder In The Dark game were the only parts of the party where everyone was gathered up for.

CAKE:  For cake we served a large three tiered cake on the driveway - it was called death by chocolate, and was covered in black fondant with Happy Halloween written in orange, and Happy Birthday ______ in purple. We lit candles and it was amazing fun.

COSTUMES:  Since this was very halloweenish, everyone wore costumes. It was up to the guest to pick a costume but some included: Devils Angels Mermaids Bunnies Ghosts Vampires etc.

FAVORS:  As people left we handed out favors. Since many people came, they had to be inexpensive, so we got 5 packs of $1 for 20 gift bags, and put in loads of candy and handmade chocolate dipped pretzels!  Everybody loved this party and it lasted very late into the night (or very early in the morning) This a great way to spend a little extra money, but all the pictures taken will have you looking back at it as a great experience. It will also be THE PARTY OF THE YEAR at your school! "

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