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Horror Party -13yr- Graveyard Hide & Seek



January 2012


Lucy in London, England, UK


Teen Halloween Party

HI guys. This is how we do sleepovers, the British style! For my 13th Birthday I wanted to do something special, but not too over the top price wise. I am a known goth to all my friends so I decided to do something to fit that image. I got ideas from this site and my friends birthday party in the past and tweaked it to fit my liking. I invited 7 friends to come over. 

INVITATION: For my invitations, I did it on Microsoft Word to save money. They looked really good as I had a blood red background, scary fonts and wrote come...if you dare" in capitals at the bottom. I included what you needed to bring like warm clothes (my birthday's in February and it tends to be rainy) and a sleeping bag and sweets.  I was having the sleepover at my house but we were going to sleep in a tent in the garden so my parents wouldn't get woken with noise and it had a scary feel. 

DECORATIONS: I didn't go over the top with the decorations but I bought a few balloons in the colors red, black and dark purple, and I decorated the tent with red tinsel and streamers.

ACTIVITIES: When my guests arrived at 6pm we were going to have dinner (a pizza bar fries hotdogs and a burger bar) and then for desert we had an ice-cream bar and cupcakes. Then we talked and listened to music till 7:30pm. Now we live near a graveyard so when it was dark we all went to the grave-yard with flashlights and split into pairs and played hide and seek. It seems a babyish game but when its dark and your in a grave yard it becomes scary and fun. It was very safe as we ensured each pair had a cellphone and we all knew the way back to my house.

After we went back and when we went in the garden my brother jumped out at my friends wearing an amazing zombie costume which scared the life outta the LOL. Then we watched lots of scary movies and played on the laptops some really scary games. At around 2:00am we went in my garden and played flashlight tag as we live next door to a deserted house it was freaky. We also had a monster photo shoot where we dressed in Horror outfits and makeup and took loads of photos and my mum made a photo album and sent it to my friends parents. 

GAMES: We played on the wii and on the laptop and when it got late we played spin the bottle. (you all know that game right? You sit in a circle and spin a bottle twice and whoever it lands on you have to kiss.)

COSTUMES: there were no costumes as such except when we played hide and seek we put Halloween make-up on.

PARTY SNACKS: At around 9:30pm my mum brought out a chocolate fountain and we had marshmallows fruit chunks and bits of cookie and cake to dip in. We also had fries potato chips oreos and lots of chocolate. At 2:00am some of us had hot cocoa and we had ice cream again. In the morning we had waffles and pancakes and then went to Wanstead (the nearby town) and had milkshakes.

CAKE: for my cake I had a chocolate cake with black frosting and Happy Birthday Lucy written in Red. It was decorated with cupcakes that had my friends names on them a personalized cake.

FAVORS: For Favors I gave my friends eye shadow and nail varnish in their favorite colors and sweets. Also the photo album.

It was the BEST PARTY EVER and I recommend it as it didn't cos much and was a lot of fun.!!! "

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