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Make A Halloween Movie -13yr- Movie Favors



October 2011


Taylor in Hampton Bays, NY United States

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Teen Halloween Party

For my 13th party I had a Make a Movie" Party. My birthday is  near halloween so I had a halloween party. 

Invitations: I went on Microsoft Word and printed out cool invitations to my liking. I changed fonts pictures colors etc. Then I printed them out on cool neon orange paper. (They looked AWESOME if I do say so myself :P) On the invites I wrote "You have been chosen to be the lead role in " Nightmare on Emerson Court" * Then I wrote all the normal stuff Where and when and things like that.  

Decorations: Well our house was decorated for Halloween. We have a long driveway and black gates and we decorate our house REALLY good so there were life-sized Mike Myers and Freddy Kruegers motion censored sound effects and dozens of strobe lights. A full put together grave yard of course the traditional carved pumpkins and a HUGE hanging monster thing that hung above the driveway with light up red eyes. *CREEPY*

Inside the house we used our backyard. We put up two tents and hung those $1 spiderwebs across one side of them. Then we set up two picnic tables inside and set up a dance floor. We put lights and a strobe light fixed in the tent and a disco ball hanging from the top of the tent. Next to the tent we set up 15 lawn chairs of various colors around a fire pit with a fire going to add some heat to the air. 

Activities: The main activity of the whole party was that we made an actual short movie. We hired a local acting/comedy coach who does summer programs and filming to come and tape/edit the movie. He gave us a topic and we stared shooting. The topic was two groups of kids; one regular and one creepy. The reg. group of kids came over to the house to check it out because they heard it was really scary.

The creepy group all hid in the trees and then creepily followed as the reg. kids trailed along the driveway. Behind a gate was Elmo *On of my friends dressed up as Elmo* The creepers slowly took away children from the regulars and eventually attacked. As the movie progressed we got introduced to a raggedy anne doll and a rabid bunny.

When the movie ended we all went to the dance floor and danced like crazy. Then the acting coach left and it took him a few weeks to finish editing the movie but when he was done we all watched the movie together. It was so funny. We will all never forget it. 

Costumes: We had everyone dress up in a scary halloween costume and bought some fake blood and scary halloween makeup. Then when the children arrived we applied the makeup and were ready to go.   

Party Snacks: For party snacks we did the normal like Cheetos and chips.  

Cake: For cake we got a friend of my mom to create these super cool cupcakes that had various halloween items like a bat and a spider and things like that. The flavors were vanilla chocolate and red velvet. 

Favors: Well the DVD cost $20 per disc so that added up. Multiply 20 times 20 that’s a lot of money. But for some other favors we did the candy and some small items from like a local dollar store and oriental trading. "

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