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Scooby Doo Spookapaloosa -13yr- Scooby Sounds



January 2010


Rachel in Pittsburgh,PA United States

Honorable Mention

Teen Halloween Party

I'm 13 years old and I love scooby doo. I wanted my birthday party to be small just a few close friends. My party started at my house then I had a sleepover, the next day we went to a museum.My budget was 25 dollars and the 4 tickets to the museum is a birthday gift I got.

For the invitations I printed out  scooby-doo invitations from the internet. Along with the invitation was a paper. Each one of my friends were going to be one of the members of Mystery Inc and the paper showed them an example of what there character would wear. Since my friends and I are 13, going out in public in the exact outfit as our character would be creepy because we aren't 4 so I let my friends modify there outfits a bit.

For decorations I drew some scooby-Doo pictures and taped them around since I love to draw. I also added blue and green balloons and streamers. I also added some fake skulls because Spooky Island in the first movie had a lot of skulls.

In the background my ipod was playing because I have the 2 scooby-doo soundtracks from the 2 movies, I downloaded the songs on my ipod and I played it. We watched the 2 motion picture scooby-doo movies then we watched my favorite cartoon scooby-doo movie which is scooby-doo and the witches ghost and the first ever scooby-doo movie I saw when I was little which is Scooby-Doo and the alien invaders.

After that we played the game charades and I already put stuff to act out in a hat which had to do with the movies we watched. After that I hid some things around my house to find, the items include my glasses because I was Velma, a ring which had to do with the cut scene from the scooby-doo when Fred proposes to Daphne,a dog collar which resembles scooby-doo's collar. It was a challenge because my house is big and I hid the things in very tough places. We played have you ever scooby-doo edition which is when you ask a question and say have you ever..." then if the players have they raise their hand and if you want details the player says them.

We played truth or dare scooby-doo edition for example if i say truth the person says "Have you ever had a crush on Freddie Prinz Jr? Freddie Prinz Jr played Fred in the scooby-doo motion picture movies. If i say dare the person can say "I dare you to sing the "Groovy" song." The Groovy song is from scooby-doo and the alien invaders it's a song that Shaggy sings. If you don't want to do the dare the person says "Will you do it for a scooby snack?" you can say yes or no. The scooby-snack is a graham cracker that is shaped like a bone and it says scooby on it you can buy it anywhere. Then we just talked about the movies and talked about other stuff.

For costumes my friends and I wore our Mystery Inc costumes that day and the next. We had Velma which was me and my friends were FredDaphne and Shaggy. We didn't have a Scooby-Doo because the only costume we can have for scooby-doo is my scooby-doo costume that is a full body suit and I thought it would be weird to go out in public like that. My costume was a orange sweater over a white topa jean skirt with white leggings underneathmy glasses and for shoes I wore my uggs because it's January and its to cold to go outside in heels. My friend who was shaggy wore a green shirtjeansand tennis shoes. My friend who was Fred wore jeansa blue polo with a white sweater on top and tennis shoes. Last my friend who is Daphne wore a nice topa jean skirtpink leggingsand pink uggs because once again it's cold.

For snacks we had hot dogs in a blanket scooby-snacks which are graham crackers in a box shaped like bones also chips and pretzels. We also had pasta and pizza.

For cake my mom got one from the store which had scooby and the gang in the mystery machine and it said Happy Birthday Rachel-Doo!

For favors I gave my friend's money to get something they like from the museum which is where we went the next day."

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