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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun -13yr- Arcade



February 2012


Revuelta in San Diego, CA USA


Girls Night Out Party

My daughter turned 13 and she wanted to have something special with her school friends. We had a Girls Just Wanna Have Fun party.  She was allowed to invite 9 friends.

INVITATIONS: we found 5 x 7  beautiful, multi-metallic colored, zebra patterned invite at Party City.  It looked really fun.  It was embellished with a black ribbon. 

LOCATION: Dave and Buster's San Diego. Dave & Buster's is a restaurant and arcade.  The atmosphere is designed for older kids and adults. The party package was fantastic.  For one price I was able to get the food and arcade play time.

As the food was being prepared we played a game. About a month ahead I started collecting items for this game.  I had body lotions, nail care items like polish, files etc, notebooks, pencils, bags of flaming hot cheetos & gift cards. I packaged like items up with cellophane paper and topped off with ribbon.  I made party dollars with a zebra pattern on the background and my daughters photo. Upon arriving to the location, I started giving the girls these dollars.  Like for the first one that RSVP's, for being on time. 

When we got to the table, I passed out markers and index cards.  I asked the girls questions about my daughter, like who is her favorite singer, etc.  The girls would write the answer on the index card and the one's that got it right got a party dollar.  Once I ran out of money, we had an auction.  The girls were able to buy" the items I had.  The items went to the highest bidder. They had a great time and each of the girls had enough to buy two or three items.

As we finished up the food arrived. They were served Chicken Strips Burgers Pizza Bites and Fries.  These were on platters and the girls could eat how much or little they wanted.  They had pitchers of various soft drinks. Once they were full it was playtime.  Each girl had a $10 play card and unlimited arcarde game play.  They played til their hearts content. 

We took the girls to the arcade store where they were able to exchange the tickets they won from the games for prizes. We followed the leader back to the table and they all sang Happy Birthday. 

CAKE:  A-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! I had to special order her cake I can be creative but this was beyond anything I could do.  It was two layers covered in black and white Fondant in a zebra pattern accented with hot pink ribbon.  She loved it.  After the cake she opened her presents.  All the girls had a great time!!!"

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