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Girls' Weekend Away (13-16yr) - Beach House Swim



October 2010


Jaime in Auckland, New Zealand


Girls Night Out Party

My dream party idea is to have like a Girls' Weekend Away kinda party so here is my idea of a great party.

INVITATIONS - For the invitations, I got a piece of baby blue cardstock and a piece of white cardstock and stuck them together to make a double sided invite. Then on the white side I stuck on a picture of me and the person who I was inviting. (inviting about 4 girls should be plenty for this party) So i would have a different picture for every invite. Then on the baby blue side i wrote all the normal info exept I didn't tell them that we were going away I just told them to bring 3 outfits, PJ's, pillow, sleeping bag, toiltries and th other basic nessesities like hair brush, make-up and so on.

DECORATIONS - I think that it would be really cool to borrow a friends or your parents batch for the weekend so I borrowed my friends batch. I set up the beds (air matresses) and the cushions and Play Station and Wii and other games like Twister. I also hang cheap chinese lanterns from the walls and roof. (get these at yourlocal $2 shop)Then i put out a table for all the food and drink to go on. I set out towels and all the stuff for manicures and pedicures. (Best to have this party in your living room for more room)

FOOD - For the food I just got the basic party foods like sausage rolls, potato chips, popcorn, chocolate, lollies, fairy bread, cupcakes and assorted soda's and fizzy drinks. For the Cake I just had a plain Vanilla Cake with Vanilla Frosting but you could have any flavour you liked. Mine was shaped like a 13.

PARTY - My guests all came over at 4.30 when they all got off the bus from high school with their stuff and then we left for the batch at 5.00. When the girls' were in the car, we told them that we were going away on a girls' weekend up to the batch (beach house) and they were shocked and excited at the same time! LOL! Then we stopped off for lunch half way because it took 3 and a 1/2 hours to get there.

When we got to the batch we unpacked all our stuff and watched a movie, set up our beds and got into our PJ's and went straight to bed cause we have a big day tomorrorw.

We woke at about 9.30 and then had Pancakes with M&M's in them. Then went for a swim down at the local lake by the batch and then came back and went out shopping for 3 hours.

Then we came home, opened presents, had lunch and talked and stuff. then we set up the spa and did mani pedi's and facials to ourselvs, which was really funny and soothing. LOL!

Then we took it off, went for nother swim and then came home for dinner. We ordered PIZZa but if you don't wanna pay that much for pizza then just make toasted sandwhiches of somethng.Then we watched like 5 movies (MOVIE MARATHON) and then talked and talked until we fell aleep.

Then in the mornig we woke @ like 10.30 and packed everythung up and got in car and went to Mc Donalds for Brunch! Then drove home ot our local movie cinema and saw a movie after stocking up on junk at the supermarket. It was super fun and I wouldn't change anything except wanting it to never end!!!!

GOODY BAGS - For the goody bags, I filled little Chinese takeout boxes with small candies and chocolates. I also sent out a DVD of the whole party that my mum took of us secretly.

It wa sso much fun. I hope you find it useful!

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