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Girls Night In Party -14yr- Purple & Zebra Print



October 2012


Julia in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Girls Night Out Party

For my 14th birthday, I decided to have a Girls Night In slumber party with my four closest friends.

INVITATION: For the invitation, I bought some purple and zebra print scrapbooking paper, and made invitations from that. There was a ribbon in the middle, and a sticker that read, You're Invited!" The inside said "You're invited to Julia's 14th Birthday party!" and then the date time place and R.S.V.P. date and information. I also told the guests to remember to bring a sleeping bag pillow pajamas and anything else they would need for the night. I sent the invitations out early so I knew who could make it and prepare accordingly.

The party began at 4pm and ended at 11 the next morning.

DECORATIONS: I decided on a colour theme and tried to stick with that throughout all the decorating. I chose purple and zebra print (like the invitation). I chose the living room for the main party room and we stayed there for pretty much the whole night. I put up lots of streamers and even made a stremer curtain (where you tape one end of a streamer to the ceiling and let it hang to the floor in a row of streamers making a curtain) to separate the living room from the rest of my house.

I also had lots of balloons just on the ground and on the walls. I put up twinkly christmas lights in the living room and it looks really neat when it gets dark outside.

ACTIVITIES: The first activity was making duct tape dresses. I used lots of patterned duct tape and tissue paper. We basically used duct tape for the top shirt part and then used tissue paper for the skirt. It turned out really nice and we went out for a walk around the neighbourhood to show off our new outfits. We also did makeovers nail art read magazines and watched a romance movie.

GAMES: We played Would You Rather and Mad Libs and had a blast.

PARTY SNACKS: We ordered pizza for dinner and drank pop and juice with that. For snacks we had chips and cheesies a fruit plate veggie plate and a cheese and cracker plate. Around midnight I brought out sandwiches for a snack along with popcorn and hot chocolate. Around 9:30 I brought out a chocolate fountain and that was a hit even though it didn't work as well as I had hoped it would. One of my friends also brought her cotton candy machine and it worked really well and tasted really good.

CAKE: For the cake I had a homemade white cake with purple icing. It was pretty simple but delicious. We also had ice cream.

FAVOURS: For the party favours I gave out little boxes with nail polish lip gloss pencils erasers gum and of course candy. 

The party was a total hit and my friends and I had a ton of fun."

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