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Girls Night Out (15-16yr) Manicure Bottle Favors



June 2005


Kelly in San Francisco CA United States

Honorable Mention

Girls Night Out Party

Theme: Girls Nigth for 15-16 Year Olds

Invitations: For my invitations to my groups semiannual girls only night I cut out different pictures of pajamas,slippers, robes, stuffed animals, words ect. That fit each of my friends personalities and glued them onto a small piece of card board like a collage. I printed all the necessary information on a piece of stationary that I cut down to the size of the cardboard and hand delivered them at school. 

Decorations: I cut out pictures of celebrities and models from clothign catalogues that I put up around my cleared out dining room as "inspiration" pictures. I put colored plastic table clothes that we has left over from previous parties on a coffee table borrowed from another room and on our dining room table. 

Set up: I removed all the chairs and excess furniture from the room and vaccumed the carpet really well before bringing in all the makeover essentials (combs, brushes, curling iron, make up, nail polish, facial masks, lotions ect.) I also set up my boom box with a bunch of cds all my friends and I liked along with the movies I'd rented for the night.

I set up a little lounge area in the corner of the room using extra sleeping bags from camping, blankets, extra pillows, and a few stuffed animals in case anyone just wanted to kick back for a little bit. I put a sheet in the door frame since ther eis no door there and close dteh curtains and put small pieces of taped paper over the slding door key holes so my brither couldn't peek in. 

Favors: I made a travel sized "manicure in a bottle" set for each of my friends in there favorite color. I purchashed travel sized colored nail files, nail clippers, nail buffs, nail polish remover, and tiny bottles of nail polish. I put them in little jars that I cleaned out that were left over form kitched spices,I put everythign inside along with a few cotton balls and cotton swabs for the nail polish remover. The remover bottle was too big for the jars so I tied then onto the side with a ribbon in the same color as the polish and manicure set. I wrote " Girls Night 2005 Manicure in a Bottle Specially Made For (Girls Name)on small labels and stuck them on the jar.

Food: Ordered Pizza, popcorn, gummy candies, potatoe chips, carrots, and ranch dip along with assorted sodas and juices. Breakfast was simply eggs, toast, bacon or sausage, and juice. 

Party: We all had a great time giving each other make overs and playing games lie truth or dare. We didn't have a set routine so we just made it up as we went along which made the night a hit. We still bring up stories about the funny things that happened that night and keep some of the pictures in our lockers. My friends loved the manicure sets I made and one of them actual keeps hers in her back pack or purse when she goes out just in case!

We have at least three "Girls Nights" ever year and we almost always do them at my house since it is located in an easy to find area so no one get slost tryign to get there! Tip: Make sure all the adults know everyone that is comign and have set noise rules so there are no interruptions to the party.  I hope anyone who tries to have there own version of this party has a great time and makes many found memories of their own!

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