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Deluxe Girls Night Out - Games & Movie



May 2005


Kayla in Short Hills, NJ USA


Girls Night Out Party

A Deluxe Girls Night Out Birthday Party  Every year you spend hours deciding what to do. I know that feeling. There are so many choices out there, so why just limit it to one! This party has a bit of everything.

BUDGET: Be aware that this party can set you back from $150- 250 so when choosing what to do in the planning section research how much the things will cost.

WHO TO INVITE: Choosing who to invite is a difficult job, so I created a method. All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil. First write down your family members [close by] (over the age of 4 and female) who know about your birthday par. Then write down who has invited you to their birthday party. [If it is also family members no need to write them down again.] Then write down your very, very best friend. If you still only have five or six people you can add up to five more people.

PLANNING: This is the part that starts to make this exciting. First establish when, where, and if you need transportation. Usually if you are going to the mall and then to a salon or home you need to know that you are providing transportation and that you aware the parents that the place of drop off is different then where the pick up place is. Take another piece of paper and write down what you want to do.

Do one of each of these things: An arts activity, 3 Games, a Movie, and your own personal thing such a getting your nails done or a movie. Now write down next to each activity how much time they will take. Now write down how long you want the party to be.  Try to cross off anything that would be to time consuming, be boring, or be too expensive. Now you have what you are going to. Now take into consideration you're your guests may like and what time of year it is. When you are planning also research if you need reservations for the places that you are going.

INVITATIONS: Now that you know who you are inviting and what you are doing make an invitation to reflect your activities that you planned. The easiest and most inexpensive way is by computer on a word processor. (If you do not have one check out your nearest library some may provide paper, but if not bring your own.)

WHAT TO DO WHEN GUESTS ARRIVE: If you are in a public place be there at least fifteen minutes before the guests arrive outside of the place to make sure the guests can see you when arriving. If you are going somewhere else after this ask your parents to collect the gifts and put them in the car. Then once you are sure everyone has arrived you can begin. Do not rush people to finish let everyone go at their own pace. Once everyone is finished step out of earshot with your guests away from the register. Now depart onto your next stop ensure that all your guests have their seatbelts fastened.

ONCE AT YOUR HOUSE: Guide your guests into the room where you will be mainly hanging out. Tell them what is off-limits and rules then begin what you are doing.

DEPARTURES: During my party we went to Build a Bear and then returned to my house to watch a movie. During the movie I slipped away and tied candy filled tulle bags around their bears so when they leave they have a Beary Good treat.

THANK YOU NOTES: Never ever open your presents in front of your guests. If someone got something they now you have or something you all ready got they would be disappointed. Wait until they leave to open your presents. Then use the same method as your invitations to type up PERSONALIZED thank yous.

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