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Girls Night In Party -15yr- Ladybug Theme



April 2013


Caitie in  Australia

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Girls Night Out Party

For my fifteenth, which is coming up in about a month, I want to have a party at my house. I thought about having a theme, but am incredibly indecisive. So instead I've decided to throw in a bit of everything. It has to be easy and inexpensive, and I have to be able to run most of it myself.    I'm inviting five of my friends plus my cousin. They're aged between 14 and 15, but none of us are the sorts of girls who act older than they actually are (most of the time, it's younger!)so this party would work well with slightly younger girls as well. It's on the weekend after my birthday, from 3:00/3:00 to 8:00/8:30pm (approx).  

DECORATIONS: I haven't completely decided how to decorate yet, as I have to ideas in mind so I will mention both. The first is ladybugs (which sounds childish, but doesn't have to be), because I am obsessed with ladybugs. Rather than having ladybug printed stuff, I'd have black and red plates, cups, balloons and streamers. I would also have ladybug chocolate pretzels, ladybug decorate cupcakes, ect. The second idea is to have a colour scheme, of purple, turquoise/aqua/ and silver. Instead of having red and black I'd have purple and turquoise party stuff and throw in accents of silver here and there.  

INVITATION: I used to buy invitations when I was younger but now I like to make them. I am either going to fold a piece of red card into a straight edged envelope and glue down a cute ladybug drawing onto the outside(done by myself but you can get one of the internet. On the inside would be a white piece of paper with the party details. Or I will make one to match the purple, turquoise and silver theme. 

ACTIVITIES: I am going to do some spa activities, when they first arrive, like hair and nails. You can do makeup as well, but some of my friends and myself have sensitive skins so just check with your friends. This will be done in my dining room. I have heaps of nail polish and so does my friend, so ask around if they can bring stuff in. I recommend doing hair first so you don't get wet nail polish in each others hair. You can do silly hair styles if you want, but if you'd like nice photos try and do some neat and interesting hair do's. If you aren't the best at hair grab a laptop or something and find some tutorials on the internet. It will be fun just trying it with your friends. I also reccommend nail art tutorials too, as nails are often tricky. 

GAMES: After the makeover/spa thing, I am going to hand out $10 in fake money to each person. If you have extra time you can buy materials to make Purses" to hold onto the fake money and create an activity out of making them together. Then I am going to run games in which if they win they can earn more money.

Games include Smarties Hunt Smarties Pairs (using the left over smarties) Besties What's Not Medusa Balloon fortune Murder in the dark. (look these up to find ways of playing) These will be played in my living room and around the house. I'm keeping the laundry siblings' parents' and possibly my own room off bounds. These games only require smarties (or any small lollies) balloons any kind of paper and a pen. 

Then after all the money (which can be made or bought) is collected I will hold an auction with small items such as nail polish small jewelery hair accessories lollies chocolate lipbalm eyeshadow ect.You could also make coupons. All bids will start at a dollar. 

PARTY FOOD: As my guest will be staying for dinner we are going to have chicken wraps. My mum will make little chicken strips and then put out wraps lettuce carrots tomatoes cheeses and sauces so that they can make it how they wish. I will also have lollies the ladybug inspired food (from earlier) if I choose that theme chips and dip but you can put out whatever you would like.

Check that no-one has any allergies or extreme dislikes or preferences (such as vegetarian or vegan) and maybe have alternate option. 

CAKE: Knowing my mum she will make her vanilla rainbow cake. This consists of two vanilla packet mixed cake made to instructions wth fold colouring marbled through. Then coloured icing with freckles and sprinkles on top. If you have a real sweet tooth you will love this cake. 

FAVOURS: Or party bags as I call them. These don't have to be big an fancy as guest will already have won prizes in the auction. Just put some small chocolates and lollies and if you want another small prize like from the auction.  Hope you have fun at your birthday party and have gotten some great ideas from mine. "

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