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Girls Night Out Party -14yr- Photo Scavenger



February 2008


Alex in Fairfax Virginia USA


Girls Night Out Party

For my fourteenth birthday, me and my five best friends had a girls night out party. 

For the invitations, I cut out a picture of each of my friends, made a little collage from magazine clippings of things they like, and wrote the party details on the back.  I picked my friends up at 3:00 and then we went strait to the mall. 

Once we arrived there, we had an awesome scavenger hunt.  Earlier my mom had written down a list of fifteen items we had to find and buy, and a few pictures we had to take.  For example, she had written down neon green nail polish and a keychain of a dog, or we had to take a picture of the store clerk smiling with our purchase in his hand.  We teemed up into two teams of three.  Then, we were given the list, ten dollars, and a camera.  Mom told us to meed at the food court when we were done, and the first one there won. 

Next, we had a fashion show.  We went to a clothing store and had to pick out outfits from several categories like Dressed Up, Think Pink, and Totally Mismatched.  We didn't buy the outfits.  We just tried them on and took pictures.  Then, we all picked out matching shirts, took a group picture, and went back to the food court.  We had dinner and headed home. 

Once home, we settled in for a sleepover.  We watched a fun girly movie, played cards, and did each other's hair. 

Then, we went out to the local icecream parlor for dessert.  We brought along a candle to put in my cone.  Then, we went back home and giggled until we fell asleep.  The next morning, we went out to ihop in out pajamas for breakfast.  For favors, they got to keep the the shirts and some of the stuff we bought during the scavenger hunt.  This was definitely a great party.

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