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Girls Only Party - Talkin 80's Game



March 2003


Missi in Senoia,GA


Girls Night Out Party

Totally 80's/adult party(or teen)  My In-Laws and I each take turns hosting a "Girls Only" party. One month I chose a "Totally 80's theme. Guests were given invitations with a questionaire with questions like " favorite color","My favorite song TO SING is_______and I sing it________." If I COULD play an instrument, it would be____" The most famous person I've ever met was______" and If I could be someone famous I would be _______.The guests were instructed to complete the questionaie, AND NOT TO discuss thier answers.  

On Party day, everyone was instructed to come dressed as a 1980's personality (real or imagined) I made a 80's trivia game from one of the MANY sites on the web, AND used the answers from the questionaire.  

The decor was black,white,and gold stars. I bought some clear glassware and plain white dinner plates from a close-out store, and painted gold stars and swirls around the edges with bake on glass paint(dishwasher safe, just be sure to get the temp right :)I borrowed gold flatware, and used a cream table cloth topped with white sheer fabric that had gold metallic stars on it.

I used cream and gold napkins(an after christmas purchase) I made napkin rings out of thin plywood that were cut out stars, with the star shaped center cut out, and painted gold. (Cardboard would work too) I cut out large metallic stars and wrote each guests name on it. This was placed on the plate as a placecard. 

The menu had a "tuning Japanese" theme. I made my secret Mandarin Chinese Chicken, fried rice, japanese veggies sauteed in soy sauce, and of course, fourtune cookies.

We played "Talkin' 80's Man" I made plaing cards with 80's slang words (tubular,grody, etc. lists are also on the internet)on one side and stars on the back.Each guest was dealt cards.The object of the game was to use the word in conversation, giving it to the person you are speaking to, and trying to use all of your cards(there were only 6 of us, and this made for some really silly conversation!)  The guests, had a wide array of costumes,and after lunch we went into the living room.

The entertainment center(6' tall)was covered with black fabric,and more sheer gold stars, to look like a stage.As a surprise, our activity was Karaoke! and I tried to have as many of the songs as were mentioned the questionaire.I had inflateable microphones and instruments(The reason for the Favorite color" question.)The Shania Twain CD I bought proved to be the most popular, though! Of course,we videotaped everything (Mother-in law singing "Man I feel like a woman" is TOO good to pass up, and took lots of pics.  

After all the singing,dancing, and laughing, we cooled off with virgin strawberry daquiris, and played the 80's trivia game I made.the best questions were the ones where we had to guess "WHO SAID..."  This is one we STILL talk about!

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