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Hairspray Costume Party (9-14yr) Dance Revolution



June 2008


N.B. in Ontario, Canada

Honorable Mention

Fifties 50s Party

My sister and I wanted to have a Hairspray costume party (based on the movie that came out last summer in 2007) since we loved it and so did all of our friends! And what better time to have a costume party than at Halloween? There were about 12 kids there ages 9- 14 and the party was held after dinner.

INVITATIONS: For invitations I used the poster that was used when the movie came out and used Photoshop to change to date of the movie release to the day of our party. On the back we typed out the standard party information and told everyone to dress up as their favorite Hairspray character or just wear something from the 60s (since this is the time the movie took place).

DECORATIONS: Since we were mainly going to be using the basement I only decorated it and the entrance. I used colorful streamers from the dollar store (the rolls had 3 or 4 colors per role so you we didn't have to buy several different colors, however due to my love of decorating I ended up using 8 rolls of multi-colored streamers) and our basement has another room leading of from it (usually a laundry room but ours is like a mini kitchen) there no door there so I took a Halloween table cloth (from the dollar store), cut it the width of the doorway, then cut it upwards (so it looked like streamers) and then left about 2 inches at the top so they would be able to be hung as one.

For music we played the Hairspray Movie soundtrack and whatever else we wanted. On one of the walls we taped up autographed pictures of the cast from the movies official site, we had one for everyone with their favorite character and name on it. We also used colored light bulbs. Upstairs at the entrance, being October you could still open your windows so we took my sisters C.D. player and played Welcome to the 60s! Form the Hairspray Movie soundtrack (with two sibling we had 2 copies of it). On the door there was a sign with all the members of the cast and below the picture read WELCOME TO THE 60s!

FOOD: This party was after dinner so it was all snacks, and it being Halloween, we had (candy of course), chocolate popcorn trail-mix (trust me, its better than it sounds), chips, regular popcorn, punch, pops, juice, etc. Then later we went upstairs and had candy apples (we had made the day before) and my mom melted chocolate then we dipped marshmallows that were on a skewer in it then rolled them in nuts, sprinkles, coconut, etc.

GAMES: We have the favorite, Dance Dance Revolution (on the PS2) going (we have had this at MANY parties before, everyone LOVES it), karaoke, twister, and dancing, we didn't need anymore than that.

GIFT BAGS: Everyone loved these!! We went to the dollar store and got these cylinders that had a lid and bottom (usually used for gifts, they are a little over a foot tall), then went online and got a picture of an Ultraclutch hairspray bottle (the brand that is constantly mentioned in the movie) and printed it out so the paper would fit around the cylinder (not including the lid!). For the lid we wrapped them in tinfoil and in the end they looked like real, large, hairspray bottles. Inside them we put in treats and candy. They also look home their autographed pictures. Someone also brought mini cans of (real) hairspray for everyone.

COTUMES: We had a lot of different costumes! A lot of flowery things, puffy skirts, wigs, and if people didn't have a wig most had A LOT of hairspray in their hair, we even had people come dressed as dead 60s people! A lot of pieces costumes were bought at second hand stores since no one would wear them again.

OVERALL: Everyone loved the party, getting dressed up, and hope to see another one next year!

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