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Rockin' Surprise Party -14yr- Favorite Foods



November 2007


Stacy in Bartlesville, Ok USA


Fifties 50s Party

My son is turning 14 and I am having a ROCKIN Surprise Party!!! 

Invitaions: I printed up a huge guitar and put SHHHhhhh! on top with all the info.  location: We are having his party at the Youth Canteen karaoke and games. 

Decorations are a balloons and blow up guitars microphones ect.... 

Party: As the guest's arrive they will put there name in a bag for door prizes (McDonalds gift certificates movie certificates ....all my sons favorites)  Guest arrive 30 minutes before the party boy...

Next we are playing a game of name my favorite foods (blindfolded the kids have to sample some of my sons favorite foods who ever guesses the most correctly gets a prize. Then the kids can eat cake and dinner.

Next we are playing karaoke. The judges will be his younger brothers. I give out 3 prizes for this...(They don't have to be love a prize!)

Last we will call my son and his best friends to the dance floor for a dance contest  the younger brothers will judges this also...they are not easily influenced by them. I will give them all cd's with Tafts favorite songs...

We will end with my son playing a song on his guitar that he wrote if we can talk him into it.

The whole party should take about two hours (including the time we wait for the birthday boy!  "

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