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Hippies/Flower Power Party -13yr- Big VW Van



March 2009


Melanie in Santa Rosa, CA, USA


Fifties 50s Party

Hippies, Go-Go Girls and Flower Power was the theme this year. 

I bought cute invites  which were psychedelic with flowers & peace signs on them and asked the girls to dress as Hippies, Go-Go girls or Flower Children. 

A friend of mine made a 10 ft long VW van with peace signs, flowers and PeaceLoveWar" painted on it. He cut the windows out so the girls could take their pictures in it.  I ordered a 6 foot round (diameter) lit peace sign and had that as the background. 

I had CD's made with songs from the 60's & 70's - the girls sang karaoke to the songs played Twister which came out in that era. They also played Charades and I picked TV shows songs books and movies from that time.  My daughter thought they'd have trouble guessing them since they were 13 yr olds but I made sure that they were the most popular from then and they had NO trouble.

The gift bags were so fun - I ordered most of the stuff from Oriental Trading Co. - tie dyed gift sacks and in them I put - mood rings swirl lollipops peace sign erasers smiley face coin holders peace sign rubix cubes temporary tatoos that were: flowers peace signs and smiley faces peace sign necklaces mini pots with daisys that grow (from Target)

Food was fun too - pulled pork burgers french fries coleslaw fruit salad psychedelic punch and Boston Cream Pie with a peace sign on top and tall rainbow candles.  I printed up pictures from that time like - the street sign which showed Haight/Ashbury the poster from Woodstock a Beatles Poster a giant peace sign poster.. I also hung a giant Peace Sign flag a LOVE flag with daisies a Happy Face flag. 

I had daisies everywhere and was going to have the girls make daisy chains but we couldn't find small daisies anywhere! The tables center piece was a large VW bug (which I had) with a Hippie Barbie sitting in it. (I've given my daughter a Barbie for the theme of her b-day EVERY year so she's got quite a collection) We did spin art and wanted to do tye die but it's just to messy!  We also were going to make bead jewelry but didn't have the time. 

The girls slept over and watched Austin Powers movie till 2 am.  For breakfast they had quiche fresh fruit muffins hot choc Sunny Delight  They said it was the best party EVER!!!"

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