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Dance Party -17yr- Home Made Music Mix



October 2005


Cat in Bartlett, TN, USA


Teen Dance Party

I had originally planned on an asian themed party for my seventeenth birthday party, but I have since chagned my mind. I'm going to have a dance party at my house. I'm not worried about the noise because everyone on my small cove is used to noise from one of my neighbor's houses.

In the garage I'll have a disco ball and a strobe light, but the strobe will only be on every now and then. There will be police tape on the wall for "atmosphere" and I'm going to borrow my sister's huge stereo. I'm making mixed CD's with my friends instead of a DJ because that's like way expensive.

In the living room I'm going to have twister and DDR set up for people who don't want to dance and in the kitchen at the small TV on the bar there will be a stack of movies for people who don't want to do anything really. The bar will be covered with chips and dip and little hot dogs and things like that.

For invitations I'm not doing anything fancy, because the most contact I have with most of my friends is on, because they're really busy and I don't go to a traditional school like all of my friends, so I'm going to e-mail them the invitations and ask them to bring some of their friends because I don't really have that many friends. (Like sixteen, maybe). (Their friends don't need to bring presents at all because that would be like so insanely rude).

I'm going to wear my dress that I wore to my old school's fall formal which is like a club dress. I'm going to have my hair and nails done before the party. (My nails will be a bright electric blue with a fake diamond placed in the middle of each nail) I'm going to have a fake streak of blue put in my hair (although I have really dyed it blue once and pink twice).

Also in the garage I'm going to buy posters of bands and singers and put them up and I'm going to have my three guitars set up around the room.

In the foyer of our house I'm going to blow up like a gajillion balloons and when people walk in it will be like a sea of balloons. The balloons will be pink, blue, and black, my favorite colors. On the mailbox of our house I'm going to tie one pink, one blue, and one black balloon to it so that people will know which house is ours without having to look too hard.

The party will go from about seven or eight to midnight and for party favors I'll hand out mixed CD's that I've made with a cover that I made on the computer that says, "Cat's 17th Birthday Mix!". Okay, so I think this is going to be an uber cool idea and I hope that this can help someone.

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