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Dance Party -13yr- Unwrap the Hot Potato



January 2006


Elizabeth in Conn. USA


Teen Dance Party

Hey im Elizabeth and for my 13th birthday party im going to have a  dance party!!! 

PEOPLE:This party can be great for boys and girls, but i suggest about 15-20 people and make the girls and boys even.(my friend had about 50+ and that didnt really work out). Im not going to have boys at my party, just my closest girlfriends and then have a sleepover.  

TO DO: First im going to have everyone over and go out to dinner. Then they will come back here and just hang out with activities to do. Here's what were going to do:  

ACTIVITIES:I will have Dance dance Revolution (playstation/xbox dancing game)This will offer an area to hang out with music blasting! Then we will have a dance contest and my dad will film us and then we can watch it.whoever wins will get something like a lipgloss.well also have karaoke machine so people can sing in it.

One game I will have is a game sort of like "hot potato", but with a prize.someone will start with a wrapped up present. This present will have many layers of wrapping paper so when someone gets out, they open one layer. Then the last person left gets the prize! 

If anyone gets bored we can always play games like piggly wiggy, freeze dance, musical chairs and other games like that. Later before bed we will settle down with one or two movies. 

DECORATIONS: strobe lights, disco ball, spotlight (for dance competition), ballons w/ stings hanging down, ballons on the floor, christmas lights, and maybe lava lamps. All the lights will be turned off for a "dance club" effect except near the food. 

GOODIE BAGS: im not giving out real goodie bags this year but at the beginning of the party before we go out to dinner I will give everyone a disposable camera so they can take pix. When we get home from dinner I will give everyone a glow stix to put around themselvs and when they leave I can give them a photo album maybe.  

FOOD: I will have soda and little finger foods and snacks like veggies, chips, cookies, pretzels, popcorn(for the movie) and other snacks. 


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