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Night Club Theme - Lots of Little White Lights



October 2005


Jen in Florida, United States


Teen Dance Party

I had the most flawless Night Club Themed Party ever. These kind of parties are for ages 14 up. You don't want to be sending out invites to a Night Club themed party when you are only nine or ten, not to mention, most parents wouldn't accept it if you suggested it. Anyways, it was fantastic.

Invite: I invited 22 of my close friends and to my surpise they all showed up. You have to make sure you invite girls that all get along with each other and to not pass out invites in front of other people, most people will get upset that you didn't invite them. Avoid all of this at all costs.

Decor: (Necessities) Clearly, you should be having the party at night. Use white or clear Christmas lights. These are always fun, you can spread these out all around your house and on your deck/patio for a better nighttime feeling. Set up a small table outside to hold the drinks and food.

For my party I didn't use the traditional 'Chips and Dip.' But I did use Marshmellow Bunnies also known as, Peeps. The Pastry cooks made a delectable multiple raspberry, strawberry and plain Cheesecakes that was a big hit. They also made shrimp scampi that many people walked by it, popped it and their mouths and started dancing again. A very quick-to-eat food and delicious as well.

For drinks, you really want to add color to the boring sprite and water (this won't work for the dominent coke color, obviously). Add a small drop of food coloring to your sprite (depending on what color your party is, thats the color you might want to use) and give it a funky name. I had a menu of drinks made for me that included all the drinks' names and what is actually was. (ex. Margaritas on the rocks: Sprite with a drop of red food coloring following ice.)

For the nighttime meal, the culinary chefs cooked up wonderful Steak and Veggies, on a pitch black, glass plates, for a more darker setting. Have this dinner outside, of course.

Activities: But wait, I missed the fun part. What are clubs usually fun for? Dancing. So mix up some favorite music of yours and friends onto multiple CD's or an MP3 Disc, like I used. Just, get music you can dance to. Pop in the CD's and get ready to show your moves. You want everyone dancing outside, this is a NIGHTclub now, isn't it? If you have the sort of friends I do, they will spend atleast 2 hours dancing, wearing them out, and on to watch a movie at your home theater. (Funny and Dramatic movies are always good).

Have a fun party. - Jen

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