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Bling Bling Baby - Dress in White



June 2005


Christy in Columbia, KY, USA!


Teen Dance Party

BLING BLING BABY! This party is meant to be for the high-end, rich and famous person in us all! Everyone should be instructed to come to the party wearing ALL white...from their head to their toes!

The host should have extra white clothes on hand should anyone try to slip in a bit of color! Depending on what you are celebrating, tables can be covered in white linens.

Candles and flowers should be white and you should serve white wine or white grape juice!

The food can also be a part of the white theme! You can make a cheese tray of white cheeses (parm., ched., moz.), and there are tons of desserts that you have to choose from as well. BE CREATIVE!

To kick in the "bling, bling" part of the party, have all your guests either come w/ or you can provide gold and silver chains, big rings, and studded sunglasses!

Have a compliation of hip hop songs and even maybe a bouncer....should things get a bit rowdy!

It's suggested to have the party in the summer, because of the color scheme, but feel free to have it whenever you like!! Good luck and have a blast!!!

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