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Dance Club Party -13yr- Pink & White



August 2007


Kristin in Florence,Ms USA


Teen Dance Party

Alright my 13th birthday is coming up(October 5th) and this is how it's going down.My dad's renting out a 4 bedroom cabin for like $125(it's REALLY nice).I'm inviting 100+ people.

INVITES:I want my invites to look expensive but not break the budget.So,I got 2 different kinds of scrapbook paper and two different kinds of ribbon.I'm cutting the paper into little squares and on the first piece just have You're Invited"or something like that written in a pretty font.  On the second piece I'll put the details of the party.  Then I'll hole pouch the paper and tie them together with the ribbon. 

For girls I'm using pink ribbon and for boys I'm using white.When they're all done I'm just gonna put them all in white envolops(SP???)and hand them out at school.

FOOD:It's a dance party so we'll serve finger food.My mom and her sister are making my cake.It's gonna be three tiers:the 1st tier white with pink polka dotsthe 2nd tier pink with white polka dotsand the 3rd tier white with pink polka dots.You can easily leave of the extra tiers of cake but I need 3 cause there's gonna be 100+ at my party.

DECORATIONS:My theme's pink and white.I'm getting a lot of stuff off of my birthday's around halloween I'm hallowing out a pumpkins and spray painting them pink and white and putting in nice smelling candles.Then I'm putting them around the cabin for decorations. The cabin has spiral stairs and I'm putting pink and white streamer all over it. Then I'm putting the streamer all over the walls and letting it hang down in a U shape. 

Upstairs I'm putting a stero so announcements can be made and everybody can hear the music.Then in the upstairs sitting area I'm hanging streamer and taping/putting ballons everywhere.We were lucky enough to find a place for my party that had enough table and counter space already so we don't have to buy tablesthat's

VERY nicelocaland reasonably priced for a full kitchen4 bedroomsa living roomcomplete laundry room4 bathroomspantry2 stairwaysand a huge outdoor deck.Also we have complete access to the grounds around the cabin.Also I'm having 7 girls spend the night at the cabin with me after the party ends.

FAVORS:I'm giving everybody that comes candy and bead necklaces.Then my V.I.P. girls(same ones that are spending the night at the cabin)are getting tons of candylots of beadsand their each getting one t-shirt from my mom's work.

Okayinvites are about $20.Food's about $30 dollars(my mom's friend works at a food company and is getting us food for free so we only have to pay for the cake stuff)Decorations are about $70.The cabin's $125.So in all we have to pay $245.You could easily cut the cost down by not giving favorsmaking the cake smalleretc.I HOPE YALL LIKE MY IDEA!"

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