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Black Bling Bash -13yr- Parents Upstairs



October 2007


Sydney in Atlanta,Ga,USA


Teen Dance Party

Ok, so I am turning 13 and I've decided to have a club themed party called Sydney's Back in Black Bling Bash!

I know what a toungue twister! Its going to be in my basement since I have the best party basement ever, and everything is going to be black with rhinestones or diamonds.

The invites will come in the shape of a diamond and will explain to the guests to come in all black!

At the party I will make my entrance and wear all diamond or rhinestones while my guests are in black so I am really noticeable!

Once again the decorations will be all diamonds or shiny things! I will have tons of flashing lights and 2 photography booths! There will be dancers to promote dancing to all the music I will be playing! No country, or slow songs! It will be all rap/hip-hop and pop with all fast songs to keep the party going.

There will be no pizza or really heavy stuff that will distract the guests from dancing! The drinks will be surved in the bar  area with smoke rising around.

There will be many dry ice machines and bubbles for cool effects! Oh yah, don't forget about 5 disco balls! The dance floor will be lighted up  with neon colors. It’s a boy/girl party and I will have a bouncer outside the basement door! If people get bored(wich I hope they don't) there will be a separate room with games, karaoke, and a movie.

A separate parents party will be upstairs out of the basement and there will be dinner for them.(my mom made me put that)! Well my party is this weekend so wish me luck!

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