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Dance Party -13yr- Fish Bowl Floating Candles



March 2007


elizabeth in tennessee


Teen Dance Party

I'm going to have a dance party for my 13th birthday.Since my best friend Elle and I were born 2 weeks apart we decided to have our parties together. 13th birthdays are supposed to be special so we're gonna have a HUGE bash like MTV's My Super Sweet 16!

For our invitations we're having someone make dvds or cds( u know since it's a dance party?).We're gonna record it ourselves though.We only invited people that know eachother( everyone goes to the same school) so that they'd get along.We're even having about 15VIP guests that get a cookie cake with their name and dvd invitations.

If you don't have the money or time you can get a small cookie or cupcake.We're actually going to their house and delivering their invitions.And instead of bringing gifts we're asking everyone to bring money to donate to the Humane Society.

We're going to rent a fancy-ish venue probably holding about one hundred people and hire a dj.Even better if you've got the money get a live performer who can dj too.My mom's probably going to hire a florist so that we can decorate the place with roses.

We're going to buy a fog machine and bubble machine so that we can really get everyone pumped up.The place is going to be filled with lights.We might even blow up some pictures of us and hang banners everywhere. I'm also gonna get 2 punch fountains.

For our center pieces(I got this idea from here) we're gonna get fish in a bowl with a floating candle. Also I'm gonna get a gimongous chocolate fondue fountain! We're getting balloon arches and columns too. And maybe even an ice sculpture.

For catering we're going to get a fancy place that's probably gonna serve some finger sandwiches, chicken nuggets,fruit and vegetable trays, brownies, cookies, etc. so that when people get hungry they can grab a snack.

For the cake we are getting a bakery to make it.(They're arent many in Tennessee.)It's going to be huge like a wedding cake with 3-4 tiers( not sure how to spell that). It's going to have all the things Elle and I like on it-shopping, animals, cheerleading, etc.- piled on top.At the beginning of the party the guests will write their name on a slip of paper and toss them in a bucket.

Throughout the party we will draw names out. Those that get their name called out will get prizes( cash, blow up microphones, maracas, beads, etc) -you can find most all of them at Party City.( The dj will host karaoke and dance contests and hand out prizes as well.

The party is going to last all night from 10:30pm to 4:30am with the present opening and cake cutting around midnight!It's gonna cost A LOT but it'll be worth it!!!!!

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