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Dance Party - Disco Ball Invite



December 2004


Saskia in Tartu, Estonia


Teen Dance Party

Invitations:  Shaped like a disco ball ( outside)  Inside: You're invited to last name's dance floor.  Be prepared for the dancing diva of your life!    

Cake:  Sheet cake, frost w/ bright colors, and sprinkles if you like.  Then make music notes or a boom box for the rest of the frosting.     

Decorations:  Colors-Yellow, red, orange, purple, and blue.  Cardboard cut-outs pictures of famous dancers.  If you have laser lights or black lights try them.  A Fog machine is cool too! (Put that on the invitation if you're going to have them there)    

Games: Pin the tail on the donkey is a classic, even if you're a teen.  Give awards to all the so called dancers.  You could make up a dance and put on dress clothes to act like your favorite singer or dancer.    

Have a parent dress and act as a DJ.  You can each put on an act in front of your friends so they could guess who you are trying to be like, like charades.    

Goodie Bags: Include a pair of sunglasses, a disco ball key chain, photos of the kids dancing.

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