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Dance Party -13yr- Converted Garage Dancehall



April 2005


Hayley in Manukau, Auckland, New Zealand


Teen Dance Party

13 yr old Dance Party!  Hey im Hayley an two years ago i had a dance party downstairs in the garage. I invited about 15-20 people (my close friends) to come over the Saturday before my birthday (it landed on a tuesday).

My mother, father, older sister and her boyfriend set the garage up really well. We had helium filled balloons floating above with strings to make it more decorative. We had a strobe light, disco ball, fog machine & spotlight which created the disco dancing theme and massive speakers pumping the sounds.

Mum had been in the kitchen making mini hotdogs, chips & mini spring rolls to eat. We had drinks (non-alcoholic- pepsi, sprite, mountain Dew, Marinda orange) and lollies. We placed the food on the freezer so we knew the food didn’t have any way of faling off (it was against the wall).

We played the music off the computer so they bass from the speakers wouldn’t make the cd player skip. We filled the garage with fog, turned on the strobe light along with the disco ball and spotlights and then all my mates started to turn up. It went from about 5.30pm-12, 1 ish.

We had dancing competitions, food races (they were really fun) and lots of other competitions. I would have to say that the only thing that could have been better is the boys manners (they stuck hot sauce in the lollies) but boys at that age will be boys. So really the night was awsome.

Everyone was talking about it at school and it was the best birthday I have ever had!! And I even got my mates asking when the next parties going to be!!


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