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Iron Chef Party -14yr- Team Challenge



March 2007


Alyssa in Champlin, Mn, USA


Cooking Baking Party

For my 14th Birthday my theme was Iron Chef, like the tv show on the food network. I invited 12 people and we split into 2 teams.

My mom chose the secret ingredient needed in each of the three courses: appetizer, main entree, and desert. When the secret ingredient was revealed (which was cheese) we nominated three people from each team to go to the grocery store and get everything we would need for all three courses. Both of my parents were assigned to a team to drive and help with preparations.

THe competition began immediately after the secret ingredient was revealed.

WHen each team was ready they could leave for the grocery store so don't spend too much time planning out your grocery list. My parents got each of my friends an apron and we put their names, or nicknames on the front. THese were required to be worn at all times in the grocery store.

While those 3 people from each team were at the grocery store the rest of us started making whatever we already had that was to be used in our meals.

WE have two kitchens so the other team couldn't see what we were making. If you don't have 2 kitchens ask a neighbor if you could use their kitchen for a couple of hours. THere was a time limit in which all of the foods needed to be done. WE asked 2 people to come and judge (the 2 judges were my mom's hair dresser and her nail person so that my team wouldn’t be favored).

We gave samples to the judges and the rest of the food we made was our dinner. All of my friends had a blast.

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