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Chocolate Party - Stack the Oreos



February 2007


Ami in Alamogordo, NM


Cooking Baking Party

This has become an annual tradition, always held just after Valentine's Day (cheaper chocolate!) at the public library.

Invitation could be something cute that resembled candy bar wrappers or Hershey kisses. 

When the teens arrived (never all at once!) there was a smorgasborg of chocolate goodies to choose from, including hot cocoa and chocolate milk to drink. I had some non-chocolate cold drinks available also. There was one table with frosted chocolate cupcakes to decorate, and another table with a crock pot of melted chocolate, sprinkles, and chocolate molds.

There was a marker to write your name on the mold you used. Everyone worked on these or ate until we had a good group gathered. I put in the old version of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and told kids to watch for bloopers but we didn'treally watch it - having a movie in the background seems to help them loosen up and gives shy ones something to focus on. 

Anyways when most kids had arrived we put the chocolate molds in the fridge to harden and played "Oreo Stack-O". I opened a big package of generic chocolate cookies and a die. Each person in turn rolled the die and had to stack that many cookies up. The next person added the number of cookies they rolled etc. If the pile toppled on your turn you were out. We started over and went until one person was crowned champion. I tossed the much-handled cookies and gave the winner a big candy bar. 

For the next game I had a candy bar wrapped in many layers of wrapping paper. Each person in turn had to the count of ten (we counted together) to unwrap as much as they could - wearing gardening gloves. The person who got to the end got the candy bar.  Next we played checkers with M&Ms.

Each person had a baggie of one color of M & Ms (plain with a few peanut). Played like regular checkers when you jump a piece you eat it and when you are kinged you switch the plain for a peanut one. This game was last because everyone would finish at different times and then they could hang out and eat or watch the movie.

By that time they were a bit hyper! I gave their parents my sincerest apologies as they picked their kids up and made sure the moms got plenty of chocolate to take home…"

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