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Teen Brunch Party - A Jewelry Swap



July 2007


Kristen in Hamilton. Ontario, Canada


Cooking Baking Party

A unique and fun birthday idea for teens of any age is a birthday brunch.

You invite some of your friends over at 10:00 a.m and the party will go until 1:00p.m.

On the invitation you tell each of your friends to wear a semiformal outfit and bring a peice of jewellery they do not want anylonger. As each friend enters you take a picture of them and you. You also put the peice of jewellery that they brought in a box.

When every guest has arrived you sit wherever you are having the brunch(kitchen, backyard, e.t.c)and you eat and amazing brunch consiting of pancakes, bacon, eggs, toast, french toast, coffee, teas, sparkling cider and any mocktails.

When the breakfast is over you open presents(if it is a present party)and eat (instead of cake) some type of fancy pastry or cupcake.

As the party comes to an end you tell everyone that you are doing a jewelry swap and that is why everyone brought the jewelry. So you go around the table and each person reaches in and picks out a new peice of jewellery. 

Party Favours:  Before the party write up little things about all the guest that are comming, telling them how much they mean to you, funny thins you've done together e.t.c.

Then as the party is going on get a parent/sibling to attatch the picture you took of them and yourself onto the write up and but it in a nice envelope and give them to the guests as they are leaving.  What causes the most expense of this party would be the food.

The decorations can be minimal just some flowers and a white table cloth. Also you can play some light music, Jazz, Clasical.  Hope this party works out for you! Goodluck!

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