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Chef Cupcake Challenge -13yr- Team Decorating



November 2009


Kitana in Orange County, California, USA


Cooking Baking Party

For my 13th birthday the theme was Top Chef Cupcake Challenge"

INVITATION:  It was a half page matted on pink paper and it said: You're in for a Sweet Surprise!  It's Kitana's 13th Birthday! I listed When Where: Kitana's Bakery Time and the R.S.V.P Info. At the bottom was a picture of a cupcake.

DECORATIONS: I had pink die-cut polka dots everywhere! I also had multi colored balloons hanging everywhere.

ACTIVITES: Of course I had to have a Cupcake Challenge! Before the party I made enough cupcakes for the teams. I had 6 teams of 2 people. Each team had 10 minutes to decorate 2 cupcakes. One whatever they pleased and the 2nd a birthday one.

Each station had: 1 tub of white icing 2 random food colorings sprinkles m&m's a spatula and 2 mixing paper bowls. Then after the cupcakes were finished each team had 5 minutes to create a commercial for their "world famous" cupcakes. My 2 aunts and mom judged on creativity and neatness.

GAMES: I played nail polish hot potato. Each person had a nail polish and when the music stopped they painted 1 nail the color they had. We played life size Candyland. I also had a "photo booth".

COSTUMES: Everyone had to dress in their favorite color!

PARTY SNACKS: For dinner we had pizza. We munched on chips soda and candy throughout the WHOLE night!

CAKE: Instead of having a cake I had an ice cream sundae bar!

FAVORS: I gave each girl a mix CD with my favorite songs a hot chocolate packet and a winter-y mug since it was December. I had sooooo much fun! "

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