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Cupcake Wars Party -13yr- Special Trophies



March 2011


Linda in San Marcos, CA, USA

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Cooking Baking Party

Our daughter was turning 13 and wanted to have a fun co-ed party similar to the hit TV show, Cupcake Wars."  To adapt the show's idea to inexperienced bakers we simplified the format and allowed contestants to make cupcakes from packaged mixes use pre-made frostings add ready-made flavorings and use a variety of toppings to spur on creativity (candies sprinkles food colorings). Knowing how teens hate to clean up we made our lives and theirs easier by using disposable frosting bags disposable plastic utensils for scooping/spreading frosting and paper plates. Lastly each round of the game also has a time limit which adds a sense of excitement.  Teams:  Guests/contestants were divided up into teams of three.

Judges: Mom Dad and older sister acted as the impartial judges for each round.  Over-arching Theme:  In the show every episode has an over-arching theme.  Our daughter picked the theme of "Traditional Birthday Party."  That meant all cupcake designs should incorporate something that is inspired by or represents traditional birthday party images foods flavors etc. 

Round One - judged primarily on taste Teams prepared cupcakes according to package directions adding flavorings or extra ingredients (such as hidden candies or cookies)to the mix.  Bake approximately 10-12 minutes and let cool in refrigerator 10 minutes.  Meanwhile the kids mixed food coloring and/or flavorings into frosting chose frosting tips put frosting into frosting bags and got ready any other toppings needed.  When cupcakes were cooled each team quickly decorated their cupcakes to enhance the cupcake flavor (since that is the sole judging criteria).

TOTAL ROUND TIME: 30 minutes.  Round Two - judged equally on taste AND appearance Teams prepared cupcaskes according to package directions adding flavorings or ingredients to the mix as needed for their plan.  While the cupcakes baked and cooled the teams again prepared their frosting colors and toppings for their new designs.  In this round appearance mattered so decorating took on an important role. 

TOTAL ROUND 2 TIME: 40 minutes.  Round Three - judged primarily on appearance Using already-baked cupcakes left from Rounds 1 and 2 contestants can focus their creative energies on design and presentation.  Interpretive expression of the Over-arching Theme is an important element of Round 3. 

TOTAL ROUND 3 TIME: 20 minutes.  PRIZES:  Following each Round the judges (and contestants) sample the cupcakes presented for judging.  Upon completion of judging the judges announce that Round's Winning Team and "trophy" prizes are awarded.

We came up with these ideas for Trophy Prizes:
Round 1 - golden spoons (spray painted wooden spoons) for supreme baking prowess
Round 2 - golden whisks for bringing it all together with style
Round 3 - golden plates for taste so good nothing is left but the plate. 

Each Trophy had written on it the Category Birthday Event info and Date.  After the cupcake contest the kids had pizza and soda for dinner and enjoyed more  hang out time.  After that using the "left-over" already-baked cupcakes and frostings the kids each decorated one cupcake just they way they wanted it and that became the "birthday cake." 

Why this party worked:  Teens like to socialize show off their creativity and usually can't resist a challenge.  Keeping it light-hearted with lots of room for personal interpretation meant they didn't feel confined.  Even the boys joined in with a  spirit of adventure.  And of course what teenager doesn't love sweet treats!"

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