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Ice Cream Parlour -13yr- Grand Opening



September 2008


Erin in perth WA Australia


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My daughter was turning 13 and she LOVES ice cream so i decied on an ice cream shop party this is really simple if you know where to buy the things. Around 5-10 kids is good. 

Decorations: ice cream colured ballons work well e.g pale pink, green and white. Set up jars with various types of lollies in like sprinkles, marshmellows, crushed nuts, crushed choclate bars ( violet crumble, crunchie, cherry ripe, areo mint ect), m&ms, malteezers and rock candy crushed also different types of ice cream cones. These will then be used later on.

Also set up a clear glass bowl with ice cream scoops in ice cream colures ( see above) and plastic ice cream bowls ( find these in target in a pack of 4 for around $3). 

Invites: do a flyer type invite that says  YOU ARE INVITED TO THE OPENING OF '(NAME'S) BIRTHDAY ICE CREAM PARLOUR' Then write all the details underneath. 

Food: this is good for a lunch party have a buffet table set up some where with pizza, spring rolls, small rolls, dip, chips, crackers, and a selection of saleds trust me the ice cream part will get really unhealthy! Ice cream and a selection of toppings. 

When they arrive direct them to the buffet table and tell them to relax ( out side is best as inside will be the parlour bit) and alow the birthday girl to open up the presents then after that direct them inside this is where you tell the rules: . No over doing it! . Share the toppings! . Have fun! 

Now allow let them to go wild!!! Give them each a bowl, a scope and let them go! ( now you go and have a coffee and leav the room this bit gets wild!) 

Favours: give them the ice cream bowl they used and the scope and small bag of topping ect a spoon, a ice cream cone , lip gloss ( look in pharmicies and dicout stores for ice cream shaped one's), and get small plastic containers and fill them with 1-3 ice cream flovours. Place in gift bag with some ice cream stickers. 

My daughter really loved this and is really fun to!

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