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Teen Camping Adventure Party - Scavenger Hunt



September 2010


Katharine in Indianapolis, IN United States

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Teen Camping Party

Last year I wanted to have a different party than the rest of the people in my grade. Some were doing downtown adventures with limos and lazer tag and movies and such...well...that looked like it would cost a fortune. When I was around 5 I went to a camp with my church, and just last year learned that you could rent these cabins, in GREAT CONDITION off season for around $15 per person.'s what we did. Rented one of the newer cabins, took 10 of my closest friends down after school ended on a Friday. My dad took half the people in his car, and my mom took everyone else in hers. We loaded are stuff up, snacked, and got there at around 5:30...2 hours later then we had left. Because it was the middle of April, we were the only ones at the camp, so we could basically roam wherever we wanted. After we had unpacked, we made little friendship bracelets, just from an inexpensive kit my mom found at Target, just like you'd do at camp.

Probably my friends' favorite thing that we did was a scavenger hunt, our next activity. Each group had a camera that could also take short videos, and went off into the woods for about an hour looking for random things or doing challenges. The winning team won candy, which was surprisingly more fun than you'd think. (The scavenger hunt list for this year is posted at the bottom). After that, we had pizza that my dad picked up from a local pizza restaurant, Snappy Tomato and cupcakes!

The campgrounds had a very large field which had kickball, tether ball and volleyball. We played on that for about an hour then hung around the cabin, got ready for bed and opened presents. We stayed there for about a half hour then went to the chapel (it was a Presbyterian camp) to do skits. Then we went to the campfire to tell scary stories, sing camp songs, and roast marshmallows for s'mores. We stayed there for a loooooooong time then headed back to our cabin to make t-shirts, pillowcases, and gods eyes, or ojos de dias, three traditional camp crafts.

In the morning, my dad made bacon, eggs, and pancakes on a griddle we brought from home. We packed up, then headed back home from a GREAT trip!!!  This year, all my friends loved the party so much we're already planning to go back! We're tweaking it a bit by adding a midnight hike, longer scavenger hunt, and a longer time around the campfire.  I hope you like our idea! It was so fun…maybe give it a try?  Summary.

INVITATION: Wood printed blank note card with typed info glued inside! 

DECORATIONS: Nothing much, you've got the woods as your amazing background! There's nothing better :) 

ACTIVITIES: Gods Eyes, T-Shirts, Autograph Pillowcases, Friendship Bracelets, Campfire, Skits 

GAMES: Scavenger Hunt, Tether ball, Kick ball, Volleyball 

COSTUMES: Nothing really, just comfy clothes and shoes you can hike in! 

PARTY SNACKS: Water, chips, and such to hold your guests down on the way to the campgrounds, then s'mores for around the campfire. 

CAKE: We had cupcakes. Simple, but good and veryyy easy to transport.

FAVORS: Blue or red bandannas (color determines team for game) flashlight, mini pack of cards, and a little bag of trail mix. 

SCAVENGER HUNT *Each picture item is worth 2 points. Each picture challenge (one involving team members) is worth 5 points. Each video challenge is worth 10 points. Some might have bonuses included that are worth an extra 2 points. If a team gets a picture of at least 3 people in another team, the team taking the picture receives an extra 10 points, and the team getting their picture taken gets 5 points taken away. Stay together with your team!!! Points will be taken off your team's total score if someone sees you alone. Stay safe!!!

Make sure at least one of your team members has a charged phone on them at all times, and one or more of the adult's numbers. Other then that…HAVE FUN!!!!!   ITEMS Red Leaf Pizza Box Trash on the Ground Baseball Bat Three Balls (together) Kayak Paddle Orange Life Jacket Marshmallows Cross Dirty Shoes Blue Cooler Tissue Box Socks Scat Animal Tracks Duck Squirrel Metal Roasting Sticks Pew Graffiti Pile of Rocks Water Gun Paddle Boat Bible Fire Pit Yurt Nurse Cabin Tether ball Home Base Frisbee Park Bench Trash Can Robin Bird Flying Overhead Weird Plant Colorful Plant Demented Tree Car Other Camper Turtle 

PICTURE CHALLENGES Grass put together to spell a team members initial (bonus-spell their name!) A team member wearing a mud mustache (bonus-add a goatee!) Something in nature (not man made!!!) that looks like a heart A team member dipping their toe in the lake As many team members as possible in a tree! Team members on the ground acting like a snake A team member hanging upside down on a branch A team member doing a handstand Team members with flowers in their hair (bonus-flowers in their mouths) A team member with grass in their mouth A team member with a daisy chain crown A team member giving another team member a piggy back ride A team member kissing a tree 

VIDEO CHALLENGES Team members acting out a scene from THE LION KING Team members doing a rain dance Team members acting out a squirrel hunt Team member confessing her feelings to a tree Team member talking to a leaf Team members acting out a scene from UP Team members acting out a scene from POCAHONTAS Team members singing CAMPFIRE SONG SONG Team members singing bear hunt song Team members acting out a scene from LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD Team members acting out a scene from THE THREE BEARS Team members acting out a scene from THE THREE LITTLE PIGS  HOPE IT HELPS! HAVE FUN :)

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