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Camping Party -14yr- Snipe Hunting



September 2010


Marien in Las Vegas, NV, USA


Teen Camping Party

A camping party is super fun and super cheap! It works really good for teens but can work for any age, really.

INVITATION- For my party I made a card that folded into the middle so you can open up both halves like in a tent. I drew a tent and two sleeping girl's heads. On the inside I wrote You are invited to _____'s Camping Party. Bring warm pjs a sweatshirt clothes for the next day a sleeping bag pillow and all your normal sleepover supplies. **then all the other info**" You could also use animal themed invitations or postcards of mountains and nature scenes just write all the info.

DECORATIONS- You really don't need any for this party.

COSTUMES- none just make sure to bring all those warm clothes. :) or trust me you'll freeze.

ACTIVITIES/GAMES- We are going to go on a easy hike. Especially for girls they won't go on a long or difficult hike. I found one that's really easy and super fun! They're also going to decorate drawstring bags that are actually their favor kit (I'm calling it their SURVIVAL KIT ).

When it gets dark we will tell scary stories around the campfire and stuff. But we will also play two games. First snipe hunting which you need helpers for. Tell them that snipes are attracted to toothpaste so they have to put it on their nose and cheeks. Second make them bang sticks. They can bring flashlights.

You lead them away from your campsite to a closed area. Make sure during the day it's safe and stuff. Take your helpers and say ok everyone we're to the hunting spot so you have to turn off the flashlights cause it scares the snipes. Then tell them stay here for a sec we'll find some. Have one of your helpers make weird animal noises then you scream and pretend to cry (make sure you're a good actor). Then have one of your helpers help you back to camp acting like you got bit..

Then have the last helper hide. Wrap up your "bite" in a bandaid and come back and start freaking out that the last one's missing. Then have them jump out at the person to find them screaming. It freaks them out so don't do it to someone sensitive or easily scared. :) then our second game is manhunt basically hide and go seek in the dark but when you find someone you sneak up on them and jump on them. Or just scare them your choice. The next day we will also do a mini spa. WE'll heat up water for foot baths and paint our nails.

PARTY SNACKS- for our first day's lunch we'll pack lunch for the hike- sandwiches chips cookies fruit. Then dinner will be a dutch oven pizza you can find recipes online for this. For dessert definitely have smores and hot cocoa but also have cake. Make grass with green tinted coconut on green frosting on chocolate cake then make a tent with frosted graham crackers leaned together.

Then make a campfire with dry chow mein noodle or brown mandms for logs and red mandms or redhots for coals. In the fire stick in candles for the flames :). It's super cute!! The next day for breakfast we'll have eggs bacon hot cocoa and doughnuts. For the doughnuts we'll play the doughnut game. Tie a string through the hole then tie the string to a tree branch. Eat it without using your hands. Super fun(ny!).

FAVORS- In their survival kits I'll put BandAids flashlights candy snacks water ponchos toothpaste and toothbrushes. I hope this helped you with your party I'm so excited for mine!!"

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