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Paintball Campout Party -13yr- Backyard Firepit



April 2009


Maverick in Austin, TX, United States


Teen Camping Party

For my 13th birthday, we had an awesome party.  We started out meeting at my house in the forest around noon after lunch. While we waited for everyone to arrive, we drank some sodas (Coca~Cola, Vault, and Dr. Pepper), ate nachos, and played video games on my TV having teams and taking turns playing.

Once everyone arrived, we got into our car (And listened to our iPods) and drove to a nearby paintball field where we played paintball for about 3-4 hours with a party package after learning rules and getting our equipment on that people brought or that was supplied for us. Since the paintballs by the 100 were $5.00, we told people on the invitation to bring about $20.00 since we were already only supplied with a 100 balls.

Once we were done playing and everyone (our 10-12 invites) was exhausted, we drove to the local country club and swam for about an hour in the HUGE pool and played tennis.

Once we got bored, we drove to a restaurant in the nearby city called The Spaghetti Warehouse" with inexpensive Italian food and a arcade/waiting room in which we played in while we waited for our food and listened to the nearby bands playing at the concert club "the Continental Club". After finishing our food and paying we drove to an old fashioned penny candy and malt bar candy shop by the name of "Big Top Candy Shop" were we let each kid buy some candy and admire the amazing atmosphere of the store.

Once finished we all drove back to my house listening to music looking at all the hot rods displayed on the street and ate our candy.

Once at my house we settled into our tent in the backyard by the campfire pit we set up. Under the porch light we made sundaes of vanilla or chocolate ice cream butterscotch hot fudge or hardening Reces or chocolate sauce bananas strawberries and whipped cream and ate them around the picnic table ( We got some medium sized sundae cup/bowls at CVS for a cheap price) while playing the HILARIOUS game of "Apple to Apples" to wind down. 

Then we hung around my back yard for a while while goofing off. We skateboarded on my small half pipe and played S.K.A.T.E. which is like the game in basketball called "horse" or "pig" (for the people who didn't skate just watched and had just as much fun) we jumped on the trampoline and wrestled like we learned how to in P.E. in school play darts on a dart board hung up on the fence lit some small fireworks since it was in Texas and still super warm out and we were still wound up we played on a slip and slide with soap and water while covered in a trash bag.  Then we played silly string war, and played basketball on my hoop in the driveway and just goofed off. After that we played airsoft.

Once the boundaries were set, I gave out the cheap goggles, glow stick necklaces, bracelets, and sticks to put on so we could see each other in the dark and not get hurt. We also taped a tiny flashlight we bought from the dollar store onto the barrels of the guns. We dressed up in a hoodie over our heads and jeans that I told people to bring as to not get hurt. Once we were tired of playing we all called each other on our phones and met up in my yard.

Once we were pooped we walked back to my house and hung out in the back yard again by jumping on the trampoline and going into the hot tub for a little bit. Then we got out and dried off and sat around the campfire and played Truth or Dare Murder Marry or Do went inside and  roasted hot dogs and smores and made Ovaltine chocolate malt hot chocolate over the fire since we were STARVING.

We went in the tent and continued talking and watched a movie and played video games on the projector we set up while eating endless bags of lolli pops. We finally went to bed and woke up super late and ate donuts waffles with the traditional toppings and breakfast tacos. We were super tired so we just hung around and waited till the parents picked up the guests. It was an AMAZINGLY FUN party I hope it gave you ideas.   "

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