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Camping Party -14yr- Riding Quads



July 2008


Renee in Spruce Grove, AB, Canada


Teen Camping Party

For my 14th birthday party, i wanted to do something different from the usual sleepover party, so i decided to have a camping party. My grandparents live on a lakelot about 45 minutes away from where i live, so i asked them if i could have the party out there and they agreed.

INVITATIONS:  For my invitations i didnt do anything too formal, considering camping ISN'T all that formal. I made simple invites on the computer and printed them off on outside-view looking paper(with trees and animals etc.) Since the party was quite a ways away i said that transportation was taken care of as well as the rest of the information. 

DECORATIONS: There are quite a few big dogs out at the lakelot so we didnt really have alot of decorations. Like i said, it was a pretty low key birthday party, considering it was camping.

ACTIVITIES: The first day we arrived, it was me and 3 other girls. Everyone was excited to be there and we all put our things away in my families trailer for the time being. Right away the fun began. The first thing we did was ride on the miniature quads. We have some trails already made at the lake lot so us 4 girls took turns on the 2 quads and had some refreshments in-between our riding.

The second thing we did was set up our tent. Let me tell you, it was quite hilarious with four 14 year olds struggling to put up our 10 person tent together. One thing that we did have out there was disposable cameras for each girl to take pictures of whatever she pleased. After pitching the tent, we set up the rest of our stuff and just sat in the tent and talked for a while.

PARTY SNACKS: For dinner, we had a few choices. Hot dogs, hamburgers, sandwichs, or mountain pies. (Mountain pies are like pizza pops that you cook over the fire. You can put whatever you want in them like pizza sauce and cheese, pepperoni etc.) 

CAKE: For dessert, instead of having one big cake, we had 4 big cupcakes. We each decorated them ourselves with choices of a base coat of chocolate or vanilla icing, colour icing tubes to write with, sprinkles, licorice, M n'Ms, and candy beads. By the time that was finished, it was about 9:30. we then opened presents and sat around the fire for most of the night talking and laughing with my family sharing memories and, well, embarrasing stories about me.

ACTIVITIES(continued): The next morning when we woke up, it was another bright sunny day, so we set up the slip n slide down the hill, grabbed some garbage bags and raced down the hill with our Garbage-bag Gowns". Lots of pictures were taken here!

The last thing we did was a treasure hunt throughout the entire lot that my mom organized for us. while she was making and hiding the clues and prize we sat in the trailer and played cards. She called us out gave us our first clue and we set off. It got pretty intense by the end.

There was a prize of $20 in quarters for the person who won. My mom painted a small wooden chest that we bought from the dollar store. In all this party was quite inexpensive and we probably only spent about the maximum of $100 on it. In the end the girls all had fun including myself and we still talk about how much fun we had that weekend. "

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