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Vogue Fashion Modeling Party -13yr- Makeup Contest



May 2011


Isabelina in Jacksonville, FL. USA

Special Mention

Americas Next Top Model

I've recently started modeling and getting into makeup, so for my birthday I knew I wanted to do something that incorporated that. The party ended up being really fun with the help of this website! :)

INVITATIONS for my invitations I got a bunch of random scrapbook paper from Michael's. None of it really matched, and there was florals, pastels, leather-looking things, sparkles and cheetah print. I put them in card form and made them abstract-looking. I put some scrapbooking fonts in there. Each card was unique and had a little picture of me at my modeling classes somewhere on them. They ended up looking great and really high-fashion and fun! They said the usual, like time, location, RSVP and a list of things that they had to bring.

DECORATIONS my room has a big stage in it, so that served as the runway. My room is very spacious, so most of the activities took place in there. It was decorated with lots of sparkles and matched my invitations with zebra stripes and different patterns. From the outside of my house, I put colorful balloons and decorated them with my name in silver marker. We had lots of streamers on the stairs and on my dinner table. My gift box was big with models from high-fashion magazines glued onto it and purple ribbon. There were also blown-up pictures of some of my favorite designers' models, like L'wren Scott and Michael Kors. The house looked great!

GAMES & ACTIVITIES we had lots of games and activities planned. The party started at 3 PM, and right when people started arriving we set out some regular composition books and old copies of Seventeen, Vogue, Beauty In Vogue, and Teen Vogue, as well as some scrapbooking paper, ribbon, markers, etc.. We had lots of fun decorating the books and they took around 30 minutes to make. Next we went upstairs and talked for about 15 minutes, until my mom called us down for our next activity. We had 90 seconds to make ourselves look as pretty as possible. The girls were told to bring their makeup and hair products, but everyone ended up sharing. We took our inspiration from some of the magazines. Everyone ended up looking ridiculous, with only one eye done and stuff like that, but a couple of girls did finish and one of the got the prize, which was a $5 makeup palette from e.l.f.

When that was over, we finished our makeup and my mom put crazy emotions, like sad, beautiful, etc., in a bag and we pulled them out and had 5 chances to portray them as best as possible. Next we had a group photo-shoot , which we had 15 shoots for. Everyone wore a plain white shirt and jean shorts, and the pictures came out great. We burst out laughing a million times while doing them! Next, we removed the makeup we had on and put some other makeup on without a mirror! It was so fun! The results were hilarious! On top of that, we piled on more makeup to make ourselves look as ugly as possible. We had a bunch of different photo-shoots with all of our looks. The winner of each of the best photos got a $5 e.l.f. palette. It was a blast!

After that we had some time to talk, and it was around 7 PM. After that, nothing was really planned, but my friend got an idea we could get all of the nail polishes that everyone brought and pass them around to the beat of the music I was the DJ because I had just gotten my nails done by a professional. When the music stopped, they had to paint one of their nails that color all of their nails got painted and they looked crazy and colorful! After that, we played Life, Things, and Apples to Apples. Around 11 we watched the beginning of Mean Girls but then ended up just talking and snacking. We went to sleep at around 1 AM after playing Wii Sports.

COSTUMES The girls were told on the invitation to bring a plain white shirt, jean shorts, and a fancy dress as well as the casual attire that they came in.

FOOD & SNACKS we had the things that normal people do at sleepovers pizza for dinner, and finger foods like pretzels and chips for snacks. I had some models imprinted on m&m’s. We also had lots of candy. 

CAKE my cake was made at a local bakery. It was 3 tiers and matched my invitations, which were given to the baker for inspiration. It was chocolate, white, and red velvet.

FAVORS before we woke up, my mom got the pictures developed (there were over 200!) and she put them in a cute zebra print envelope for each girl. We took some time in the morning to put them in our composition books. The favors consisted of a bunch of candy, lots of fruity gum, a couple of cheap nail polishes, some makeup, and the March issue of Teen Vogue, which we bought copies for all of the girls for. All in all, the 9 invited girls had a blast and I was sad to see them leave at 11 AM. It was a great party!

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