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Americas Next Top Model Party -13yr- Covergirl Comercial



July 2010


Jes in fiji,hawii,united states

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Americas Next Top Model

Me and my friends are obessed with americas next top model so i decided to have a americas next top model birthday party!!!!

INVITES: For the invites, I went on the computer and made my own. The front of it said TYRA MAIL, just like the show. On the inside we wrote the normal time, date, place, etc. We also wrote that the girls should bring any sleepover matirels. They should also bring any hair straightners, curlers, and any accesseries to share. We also said that they need to bring 5 outifts: white shirt and jeans, an outfit of their choice, A rich girls outfit, a party girl outfit, and a pair of pajamas.

DÉCOR: for the decorations, we set up backgrounds with card board,Sheets,and fabric. We put pink and white streamers up everywhere and blew up tons of ballons. We decorated my room like a salon. We set up a table of makeup and hair irons. We also set a hugh tray of party snacks like, lemonade, cupcakes, cookies, and candy on the table.

PARTY: For the first photo shoot, we had the girls put on their jeans and white tee-shirts. We straightened our hair and put on black eyeliner and mascara.We bought silver poster boards and hung them up on the wall so we could have a silver background. Then we all took a picture together like they do in the show.Each girl got 15 shots.After that we had those short lessons they do on the show. We had the girls practice there posing by writing emotions on cards and putting them in a hat. The girls proceeded to pull a card out of the hat and had to pose the emotion. It was really funny to watch them try. 

For the secound photo shoot, we had the outfit of their choice. They got to do there hair and makeup however they wanted. Then they also got to choose where they wanted to get there photo taken.  The girls had another lesson and it was walking. We put on different themes of music and told them to walk to an emotion, ex: feirce, sexy, happy,etc. The winner got makeup. 

Before we went to the next photo shoot, we gave each of the girls $20 and brought them to the mall. The girls then had to buy as many things as they possibly could with there $20 in one hour. The girl that bought the most won. They got to keep the things they bought. The winner got 10 extra shots for the next photo shoot. 

For the 3rd photo shoot, the girls had to use the things they bought at the mall. They mostly bought jewelry and accesseries. So they had to act like rich girls.We had the girls sit at the patio table in the backyard. They had fake jewels and we gave them some cash for a prop. For the next lesson we had the girls put on ther makeup in the most creative way they possibly could. But they had to do it in 5 minutes. The girl who did the best won a purse from platos closet.

The next photo shoot was the funest of all of them. The girls got into there pajamas and we tacted up a hot pink curtain against the wall. Then we put pillows and blankets on the floor around the pink curtain. The fun part of this this shot was the makeup. Instead of leaving them makeupless or just simple, we assiniged each girl a color. Pink, blue, yellow, and orange. The girls had to wear that color as their eyeshadow. But they had to also splatter it all over there face. We took a straw and filled it with that color of eye shadow on one side. Then we went up the girls face and blew out one end. Then they eyeshadow splatters on there face. It looked really cool and they took awsome pictures. We had them wash the makeup off but it took awhile.

When we were done washing off the makeup, we had the girls do a fashion show. The theme was party girl. The girls got in there dresses and strut there stuff. We had some people taking pictures so it seemed like paparazzi. Then at the end of the show, I told the girls to meet me in my room where we set up a judging table. We put the girls picture on the tv and I judged them. We choose the favorite of each photo shoot. Then we narrowed it down to two girls. After that we choose the winner and she got a huge bag full of makeup and candy. She also got a purse from platos closet. 

ACTIVITIES: after we finished the compotition, we had the girls try to do a covergirl commercial. The lines were this : Are you ready for a night on the town, not without your cover girl lashblast mascara. The brush is twice the size of the leading brand, giving a flawless finish. Don’t get caught with small lashes, stand out from the crowd. Lash blast mascara, from easy, breezy, beautiful, covergirl.  We filmed the shots, and they were really funny. The girls had such a hard time with the lines. After the commercial, we had the girls do a dance to the song imma be. We taught them a dance and the girls had to do it in super high heels. We picked a winner and they got some eyeshadow. When we finished that, we came up with a dance and preformed it for my family. Then we filmed it and put it on youtube.  For the other games we played truth or dare, and did some more runway things.

FOOD: for the food we order pizza for dinner. For dessert, we had the girls make there own ice cream sundaes. We had cherries, sprinkles, coco and strawberry sauce, peanuts, pb cups, etc For snacks for the day, we got wine glasses and put those small embrellas in them. We filled them with lemonade. My mom baked cupcakes, cookies, rice cripy bars, and we also poped a bag of pop corn. We got a big tray and put all the snacks on it.

CAKE AND FAVORS: for the cake we did a dairy queen ice cream cake and we personilized it to say americas next top model. For the favors, each girl got a goody bag filled with little makeup and and some candy. They also got to take home the photos they took.we also opened presents. The girls had a great time and it was the BEST birthday party ever!

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