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Modeling Party -15yr- Photo Judging Contest



July 2013


Andrea in San Jose, CA, USA


Americas Next Top Model

INVITATIONS: We found some Black & White paisley invitation cards at the Dollar Store that said You're Invited" They were very elegant and pretty. Inside I told the girls to bring one formal and casual outfit and to wear a gray shirt.

DECORATIONS: The colors of my party were black and white. I hung black and white streamers by the door and by the food table. I strung a needle and string through the ties on blown up black and white balloons and hung up the "garlands" above a white sheet. The sheet was hung up on the biggest wall in my home.

That was where we had a photo shoot. I set the table with a black tablecloth and white plates and cutlery. I set up a hair and makeup table in a bedroom with lots of mirrors. I had a white carper running through the family room that would act as the runway for the girls with chairs set up around it for the girls to watch each other.

ACTIVITIES: When the girls arrived we talked for a little bit and set down the presents. While we waited for the girls to arrive my mom took silly pictures of us in front of the white sheet. I had balloons laying on the ground so the girls could play with them and pose with them.

Once everyone arrived we all took a group picture since we matched shirts! We took a "modely one" a smiling one and a bunch of crazy ones. After we spent a while taking pictures it was time for the fashion show! We split in half and Team 1 went in the back room to change into the casual outfits. We started the show and had music playing the whole time. Like a real fashion show as soon as the girls came back in from walking they had to change into their formal outfit and FAST!

My mom took pictures of the girls the whole time especially while they did their special pose! Team 2 was the audience and they cheered on the girls the whole time. After Team 1 Team 2 did the same thing and Team 1 was the audience! As we ate pizza I passed out the ballots and projected the pictures onto the white sheet.

We laughed at all the pictures and voted Best Dressed Most Photogenic Best Walk and America's Next Top Model (Best Overall). After we gave out prizes (mostly nail polish) we had cake! Which led to presents and we swam in my pool for the rest of the evening.

CAKE: I made a marble cake (with chocolate and white cake) and had white frosting with flowers and Happy Birthday on top.

FAVORS: We had a picture of them in a 4 x 6 frame printed out and painted their name on the frame. We also put makeup in their bags. What a successful party! "

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